Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Once Upon a Time, Six Months Ago

Its been 6 months tonight since I rededicated myself and my family to God.

If you don't know my story you can read it Here.  

C3 was the strike that lit the fuse.  It was honestly life changing.

The thing is, and what I want you to take away from this post is this.....

While C3 lit the fuse its been my work in the church that has kept the fuse burning.  I've been to churches I've enjoyed the preaching at before and attended pretty steady but I never got involved.  

I never clicked in a church like I do Lifepoint and a big reason for that is that I plugged in.  I wasn't asked to start greeting, I just didn't know what else I could do to help out.  
So I just started. I haven't missed a Sunday now in 6 months. Greeting on Sunday mornings has become my favorite part of the week.

Going to church is more than filling a pew. It's community, its love, & its supposed to be fun. 
It IS fun. 
You don't need to go to a conference to find this out.  You just need to get up out of your pew and find a place to plug in. 
Even if you can't teach or lead there is a place for you in the church. We are the body of Christ and we are stronger when we are of one heart. A heart of service. 
Service is Love.  
Think of everyone you love. There isn't a single person I truly Love that I haven't done something for. Not one of those people christian or other that I haven't served in one way or another.
To do for them is to demonstrate my love.
Every Sunday a lot of people do the most for God they do all week. 
They do this just by coming to church and sitting on a bench & they feel like this is working for the kingdom. 
Doing the most by doing the least.  

Whether you are a Lifepointer or not, your pastor/church need your help & your God deserves your service.  

Jesus final act of love durring his time on earth was an act of service.

Thanks for Reading

Alan/Brother Whiskers

A couple post scripts here. Recently I went back and read a couple of my blogs from prior to my trip where you can really see my struggle and how I felt about church and my place in it. Blog 1 & Blog 2.

Reading those I remember the feelings but know how unfounded they were.  I have a piece of something now and I really want you to have it too.  

Secondly I've spent some time tonight thinking about those 3 days last Feb. I can't express how thankful I am that I got the chance.

I'm thankful to so many for their acceptance of me but one thing keeps coming to mind.
As we sat around after service those nights we would unpack all the things we learned. I talked a lot durring those sessions maybe too much. 
While i was talking though and even though i was there with them and they were all so nice and very accepting of me I still kept refering to Lifepoint as "your church". 
In my heart I still didn't feel good enough to consider myself a part of it and don't know if  I would have had that break through it it wasnt for  Ethan.   
I was talking about what made us stay at Lifepoint even when I didn't want to be there and I said it was "The kids program at your church"  Ethan stopped me and said "you keep saying our church, it's your church too, you are one of us". That was the exact moment that the other shoe dropped and the transformation was complete. 
From creepy guy in the balcony........... to creepy guy in the parking lot.

Ethan if you read this, you did a lot for me that night.  I know everyone treated me like part of the group but it wasn't til you voiced it that it clicked.

I love you Lifepointers and I am always at your service.

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