Monday, May 6, 2013

The Creative Cloud and What it means to me

Adobe announced today that as of now the Creative Suite is no more.

Basically years ago when I started doing graphic art on a Mac I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop. I had a pirated copy given to me by the main artist at the shirt plant I worked at.
It was Photoshop 7 and I was in love.  I eventually got a pirated copy of Ps9 and then I went legit.  When I started freelancing I decided I should buy an actual copy of the software.
I purchased Photoshop CS3. This wasn't the entire suite just photoshop and I still paid more for it than I had paid for any computer related anything besides my iMac itself.

I used that for a couple years and then I let my boss use the license.  He paid the fee and I gave him access to my serial number.

When I left that job I decided to buy a brand new copy of CS4. I found a copy of the entire suite online for less than $800 so I nought it.

I've been using that ever since.

Today Adobe announced that they would no longer be making hard copies of their software. Henceforth when they released a new version of the suite they would make it only available digitally.

The Applications themselves, Photoshop, Illustrator and so on would become essentially free. With one huge caveat, you would be paying a monthly fee for using the programs.

So instead of dropping $800 for the suite and using it until it was obsolete or until your version was no longer compatible you would pay a flat fee monthly with a 1 year contract.

I've been using Ps since the early 2000 so as a way of saying thanks and not freaking us freelancers out totally they discounted the monthly price for people who had a serial number to any of the last 3 iterations.

Now I am locked into 1 year of paying $29.95 a month for a program that i used to just outright own.

After a year the price will go up to $49.95 a month for me to use the Adobe apps.

The bad side of this is of course the money. I hate having a new monthly bill.

However to me good far outweighs the bad.

I can see the reasons Adobe went this route.  It will save them money producing discs. It will make pirating the software pretty near impossible which will make them money from people like me who relied on the piracy of strangers for so long.

For me it means I will ALWAYS have the newest and best Ps & Illustrator. That's pretty cool as well as giving me access to a lot of cool features. There is the 20 gig free storage that comes with my monthly subscription.   New and improved versions of all Adobe programs, some of which now I feel like i want to learn since i'm paying for them.
Like Muse, right now I build my website with Rapid Weaver. I'm hoping to be able to phase that out and get it off my hard drive for the very similar Adobe Muse.

Basically I'm excited, and also a little nervous.  Feels like big brother might be watching my actions a little closer but in the long run I think its a good thing.

My fear is other companies will follow suit and next thing you know your web browser, iTunes  and other software will start charging per use rather than per software.

Welcome to the cloud.


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