Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Creative Dark Cloud

Geez what a bunch of babies the Adobe users are turning out to be.

I found myself on the Adobe Photoshop Facebook site tonight and I was alarmed at how many people are furious about the switch to the cloud. 

What was even more maddening was the amount of people who clearly didn't pay any attention to the Adobe announcement or bother reading any of the myriad articles out there about it.  
About every other comment was something completely wrong. 

People are complaining that you can't access your files if you decide to stop your subscription. That's ignorant and false. 
As long as your files are saved locally you are fine. Just don't save them to the cloud or save them locally before you cancel. 

Then there are the yahoos that complain they travel a lot & aren't always near the Internet. As if you can't open Photoshop unless you are connected to the net. 
You download the app to your Mac.  The application is yours.  You pay for the usage. So after you pay you can use Photoshop at will. Connected to the Internet or not. 
They even allow you to pay 3 months at a time. 
So what the complainers are getting at is they are not on the Internet for at least 30 days at a time. 
Really 30 days, you go a month or more without your computer being online. No wifi hotspots in those 30 days. 
How bout the 3 month at a time option. You go 90 days or more without the Internet? Then you probably aren't the type of person or in a career where adobe products are in use daily. 
That seems like a sweeping statement but I'm a freelance artist and I could not survive without being connected at least every other day. That's at the very least. 

Yes if you are a hobbyist and use photoshop to touch up your photos this might be too much for you. Paying $20 a month for something you use occasionally might be annoying. I can't help but think that Photoshop for an amateur or a hobbyist is like squirrel hunting with a bazooka. There are lots of programs out there that will let you do your basic photo manipulation and you should shut up and switch to one of them. 

Photoshop in a pro tool for professionals. 

So many commenters said they would stick with the version they have now. Some said they would stop using Adobe products. Like that is a threat. 
Adobe has 90,000+ subscribers already with more joining daily. 

At 90,000 subscribers multiplied by just one app license per month Adobe is looking at a minimum of 1.8 million a month in revenue. 
I think they can afford to take the hit if Johnny Amateur & his friends decide to use Corel or picasa or gimp. Even if he has a million friends that boycott it with him. 

So suck it up, join the cloud get your upgrades and get back to work. 

Thanks for reading. 

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