Sunday, April 14, 2013

Here I sit.

Well here I am. Emergency room at 2:50 In. The morning waiting on a cat scan result which will take an hour. Desperately praying that it is in fact a sinus infection like my Dr thought & not a tooth something or other like the ER doc seems to think. Or at least suggest enough to make me nervous.
For those of you out there that have had sinus infections which appears to be 98% of everyone I know. I'm not sure how yours worked but mine worked like this until this morning.
I would wake up in just blinding pain.
I'd get out of bed walk down stairs & feel better. I'd sit down on the couch lean my head back & in about a minute Bam! Blinding pain.
I would walk again. Finally feel better and fall asleep from exhaustion.
Wake up again in about 2 hours and just get up. I have slept 4 hours or less a night for the last 3 weeks. Excluding two freak nights that I managed to sleep roughly 6.

All day I would have occasional eye or ear pain I assumed was a regular headache.
I'd take Tylenol or some such thing & it wouldn't even touch the pain.
I regularly ran a fever. Not much but still a fever.
Then after a day of talking & working & cutting up with friends and family I would attempt to sleep only to repeat the cycle.

This morning Sat the 13th I woke in pain getting up & walking around didn't help the pain was just terrible.
I debated on going to the Urgent care but in a couple hours from the time I woke up it was bearable & I had a lot to do and a team counting on me.
So I did what I was supposed to do today and the pain was manageable. I had some pretty rough twinges. For the most part though I was reasonably ok.
I was a bit worried because usually during the day I'm fine but at night it gets worse. So the fact that it was hurting during the day had me worried.

I guess I should explain where it hurts. It started out as that eye & head pain I mentioned earlier.
At night it moved to my cheekbone & a couple top teeth. Never the same. Then as we progressed over the next 3 weeks coming to current it is my ear across to my eye like some one is shoving a toothpick from one to the other retracting it & repeating.
It runs from there down to my teeth both upper & lower. Then today it graduated to down my jaw into my neck.

Now where was I......

So after working with my church family at the Audio Adrenaline show from 11:30am to midnight-ish & getting a lot more daytime jaw pain than usual I got home & sat down. That is when it proceeded to get out of hand.
The longer I sat the more it hurt. All the teeth on my right side. My eye my ear and my jaw/neck.
I prayed I paced, I tried anything I could think of.
If it is an over the counter pain med then it is currently chasing a rabbit thru my system as I type.
After a couple hours I knew it was just going to get worse. The only respite from the tooth & jaw part was when I pressed my thumb inside my mouth to to roof. When I did that the tooth & jaw part would shut off like a switch & stay off after I removed my digit for about a minute maybe two. Then it would ramp up and I'd do it again.

What made me try that you ask? Well that is a weird story. I've been dealing with this getting increasingly worse for 3 weeks. Friday night I had a dream that the pain was unbearable & someone in the dream told me to press my thumb against the roof of my mouth. I don't remember who told me I only remember that they did.
So this morning while I was pacing I did it & the pain flicked off on my teeth & jaw. That's when I remembered I learned it in a dream.
My day would not have been possible without that dream so a genuine praise God is necessary.
Finally about 2:15 to 2:30ish this morning. I gave up any hope I had of making it til Monday to see my Dr and drove with my thumb in my mouth to the Hospital.

I saw my regular Dr 11 days ago. I know this because
A) it was 11 days ago & I'm not a complete imbecile
B) he told me it was probably a sinus infection and gave me 10 days of antibiotic that ran out yesterday.

So at the emergency room I have to explain to the ladies at the desk that I am in the second most pain of my life. Besides kidney stones. Of which I have had 2 and it was like trying to pass a Buick Skylark.
While I'm explaining this to them I seem to be ok.
This is because I'm riding the relief of pressing on the roof of my mouth.
So I don't seem like I'm really hurting & they don't seem to care.
I explain the thumb thing to them & I'm not sure if they buy it or not but I continue to stick my finger in my mouth periodically over the several minutes we speak.

I get to my cubby. Room 9 as they call it & go thru my vitals.
Then another nurse comes in & again I have to explain the thumb/finger thing. Around of course whichever pruney flange I have stuffed in there at the time.
We talk, and between scattered finger sucking I explain as detailed as I can the last 3 weeks.
I'm always worried that ill forget some big detail that changes my diagnosis & I desperately want over this so I spare no nuance.
Finally the Dr arrives and I go thru it again, this time with feeling.
He asks if I think it's a dental issue several times. To the point I'm terrified that it is & I'm going to have to live with it on account of I have zero insurance and can't really afford the dentist right now.
However he notices a few things I think and since my Dr thought it was sinus related he orders a Cat Scan.

I wait, thumb in mouth for the lady to come and scan my cat. After about 15 minutes she comes & takes me to do just that.

She then deposits me back in my room. Room 9 if you remember. Where I sit for about 10 min of the hour they say it will take before I realize..... Hey, I'm in pain, I'm sitting here in the hospital at 3am with my thumb in my mouth.
I go out of room 9 to the front desk & request a nurse come see me as soon as she's free.
She pops in a few minutes later & I ask for something for the pain.
She exits & talks to the Dr I presume & returns a few agonizing minutes later with a needle. A needle which she then proceeds to jam into my left bun.

That dulls the pain allowing me to dry out my hand. Never completely stopping it like a nice finger to the soft pallet does but enough to make me a heck of a lot happier & able to type this.

Finally after an hour the Doc returns with the verdict. It is in fact a sinus infection and I need better antibiotics.
2 antibiotics. In fact. A high dose pain reliever somewhere in the codone family & and another pill possibly just for kicks & giggles.

So I'm done. I'm waiting for my scripts & then headed home for 2 hours of thumb sucking if needed & then church.

I have a lot of work to do Sunday. I'm sure ill end up napping at some point plus various meetings at church.

It's been a long day. However it's been interesting & I got to get to know some great people at the church better so it has been worth it I would say.

That is until I get the bill which is going to be most depressing.

The bright side being it was an infection & not a tooth thing so I feel vindicated a little for some reason.
Also my Dr told me 11 days ago that he was going to give me antibiotics to try and avoid a cat scan.
So if I'd have made it to Monday and seen him he more than likely would have sent me to the hospital for a scan.
This way it's done.

I'm finishing this blog at 4:07 in the parking lot of the Hospital. I need to be at church by 7:30 to get some stuff done before I start greeting. Greeting at church is my absolute favorite time of the week & I won't miss it whether I'm in pain or not.

That's it. If this blog has a ton of typos it's because I'm typing it on my phone.
I apologize for any misspellings and weird word substitutions made by auto correct I'm frankly too tired to really go check.

Epilogue: On my way home my battery died. I was blessed to make it to my house.
I got my wife's car & drove to Walgreens at 4:30 to find out their computer is down til 5am.
So now I'm here for the next 30 or so.
The pharmacist is going to check the price after filling my numerous scripts & if they are cheaper at Walmart he is going to let me get them there. I think he feels bad because I have to wait.

Guess there will be no sleep for me before church in 3 hours or so.

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