Thursday, March 7, 2013


Got my taxes done this year by Melanie Prock here in town.
Been a nightmare. First I stopped in & personally talked to her. Told her that I have a small business & I made spreadsheets of all my expenses, income & such.
We talked for 10-15 minutes and she said she could do our taxes for $75.
So as soon as we got all our paperwork
I took it over to her office.
Took less than 15 minutes and I was out the door.
Got a call to pick up my paperwork a few days later so that's what I did. When I got there to pick them up I was told I owed $125 not the $75 I was told personally by Melanie. I was still glad to pay cuz H&R Block did my taxes last year and they charged $386. For just my personal taxes no business.
I picked up the files & put them away at home.
2 weeks later I pulled them out to check
The status of my refund at the IRS website.
The site said my check should be in my bank no later than the 5th.
So I checked with my bank and no such luck.
Then I got my paperwork out so I could take them to Melanie and figure out why my refund status went from "refund sent to bank" to "taxes being processed"

When I started goon thru my paperwork I discovered that Melanie Procks office had given me some of my tax papers and the tax papers of 3 other people.
Income, social security numbers, full names and addresses & employment info Basically an identity theft starter kit.
I went and told her plus brought copies of the strangers papers.
I was assured that it was a printing mistake and had nothing to do with my wonky refund status.
Melanie herself told me she called and my taxes were done properly.
I got home filed my (and the other 3 people's) papers back in my drawer.

Today I finally got a hold of the IRS and together we discovered that my refund had been rejected by my bank because
Melanie Prock's office had typed in the wrong routing number.
The right account but the wrong routing number.
I've never had problems with Melanie's office before but this was a crazy situation.
So now I'm waiting on a check from the IRS that is supposed to be mailed out on the 13. Which is 8 days later than I was scheduled to actually receive it.
It's been crazy.
I have a few invoices out so God willing they will come in and things will be ok.

I took a trip last month to see my sister & niece. To my shame I used some bill money because I figured I'd have my refund by now & could finish paying bills then.
So now I'm a smidge nervous about a few things but God always provides. It's just nerve wracking trying to figure out how.

Thanks for reading.

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