Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 6

I'm preoccupied with food today.  Trying to decide if i'm going to try and go the full 21 days without food and only juice or if I'm going to do 11 days juice and 10 days Daniel Fast.
Also thinking about going to the 27th with juice then moving to just salad and fruit until the first. If I did that I wouldn't be Daniel fasting technically cuz I would use dressing but ti would help transition my body and get it ready for a return to food.

Right now the Daniel Fast seems like and insane indulgence and I'd feel like king of the world on it compared to no food.

Lin was telling me today she just couldn't think of anything to make for dinner next week for her and the kids that sound good.  I'm not the most sympathetic to that plight right now seeing as I'd eat anything she cooked right now.

I like the juice fast because for me I think it will sink in more. If I was on the Daniel fast I'd not really be hungry cuz even if its not what i'd normally eat at least it would be food. Plain baked potato with nothing on it at all sounds pretty great right now. Some of my friends have been posting Daniel fast dinner pics and they all look tasty.  
As it is I am hungry a lot, it comes and goes depending on how much attention I choose to pay to it. But I'm hungry.  My snacks are limited to a small juice or a bottle of water.  I know I'm not getting enough water in me but I find water hard to drink if I'm not eating and I don't really get thirsty on this thing.
When I'm hungry though or when I'm fixing the kids a snack is when it really hits me about why we do this. If I was eating even bland foods I don't know if I personally would think about it that much.

I wasn't planning on keeping track of weight loss cuz that isn't my goal and I know that any loss would be temporary but I did break down and step on a scale. I'm down about 11 pounds in 5 days which seems like a lot to me but not enough to physically notice.

I've done really good though I haven't cheated at all from my goal of only juice and smoothies.
I read one blog from someone who was trying the Daniel fast and by Day 7 they had eaten, Mexican restaurant chips & salsa, pizza and a cheeseburger with fries. It wasn't anyone in our church by the way.  Probably bad that it made me feel good that I've made it 7 days 100% on it but it did and I'll take the tiny encouragements any way I can get 'em.

My goal in this spiritually is be mindful of sacrifice and drawing close to others of like mind. To pray more often and with more heart about the issues that face my church. As well as praying for God's favor for the upcoming Egg-stravaganza and Haiti fundraisers.

Physically I'm kinda hoping this will reset my mind and body about food. Help me to avoid crap that I don't need and limit my snacking by showing me that as hungry as I might be I'm not "really hungry".

I'd like to only drink water with my meals from now on after this too. the occasional coffee tea or soda but for the most part just water.  Thats a big step though cuz I do not enjoy water it is a bland vile liquid that has no business near my mouth.

So thats the extent of my thoughts on this today. I'm going to try and get some work done today too.

Thanks for reading

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