Sunday, March 24, 2013


Work has been steady here recently & it didn't occur til this afternoon that it started looking up around the time I started really serving in the church.
Honestly it didn't actually occur to me, a friend of mine mentioned it. Then it clicked.

Work has improved, it's quite a bit more steady. However it could still be better.
I need to manage my work time better.
I post on FaceTime about how busy I am or how many designs I need to get done in one day.

It sounds impressive at times. May make people think I'm busier than I am. That isn't my intention. Usually if I have a bunch to get done in one day. Kinda like I do tomorrow, 6 designs total due tomorrow, however I had a week to work on them and other things came up.
Some were little jobs for friends. Some distractions were church art related. Some were just regular lazy & procrastinate tendencies.

I have got to manage my time better & in doing so God willing I will have more time to serve at the church & be quicker at my job.

Thanks for reading.

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