Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Been Thinking.

I'm trying to work thru this as I so please bear with me.

Something occurred to me last night when I was thinking about my walk with God.

I get weirded out when I see Christians doing things I don't do.  I don't drink, I don't swear, waited to have kids until I was married.  Stuff like that that has a biblical foundation. Stick a pin in this cuz I'll come back to it here in a minute.

I started thinking about it last night because I have some friends that went to help start a church. They told me they prayed about it and thought it was God's will to move across country and help start a church.
I am a skeptical person because usually when God calls me to do something its seldom something I want to do.
Then as time went on it seemed from talking to them that they just really wanted to move from Missouri and that was the way to do it and get zero flak.  I mean you can't very well tell someone that you don't think they were called to do something.  A calling is usually very personal and it's not my business.

A calling is a commitment, it's saying to God that you hear him and even if you don't want to and you don't like it you will follow him.  Even if it's not the thrilling adventure you thought it would be. When things look better elsewhere you stick with it.

Sometimes we get psyched about something that we want to do but your friends and family don't want you to go. So you "pray" about it.  You talk to God but you don't listen to what he has to say.  Your mind is made up. You pray for him to give you peace on something you have already made your peace with.  So you feel fine and confirmed and you move forward.
I'm not saying at this point you are out of God's will.  I'm saying one has to be extremely careful that "Thy" and not "My" will be done.

Want to know if something you are doing is Gods will?  Go do it and see if  you last thru the first valley you hit.  You'll start on the mountain top, excited about your calling, when the valley comes though do you stick it out or just declare God has called you to something different. Which happens to be somewhere else you personally want to be.

You can do what you want just be careful who you give credit for the idea to.

I've commited to where I'm at I can see God's plan for me.  It's never been so obvious that I am in the place he wants me church wise.

Sorry for that tangent. Lets get back on topic.

It hit me last night that maybe part of me that is bothered when I see professing Christians doing things I don't do is a little jealousy.
I don't know if that sounds right. Let me explain.  I see these people posting instagram pics of all the beer or margarita glasses they have consumed at that setting. Or read their tweets and facebook posts with swears in them. Then inside it bothers me. Partially cuz I think its wrong.  If you want to have a drink have one but its a pretty poor witness to post your bar pics and empties.
So while I'm not jealous of what they are doing. I've never drank a drop of alcohol and never will but there are other things that the flesh wants that I abstain from. I'm jealous that they aren't bothered by their actions like I would if I followed my inclinations as much as they do.
They believe in Christ they talk a good game and I don't know their heart so from the outside it looks like we are both trying to get to heaven but their path is a smidge wider than mine.

The other part is because i feel like they are getting away with something.
Does that make any sense?

Like they are beating the system and it angers me.  I'm that way across the board. If i see someone get away with something or try to skirt the system I get irritated.

I wonder if thats part of what I feel in situations like that.

Ok thanks for reading.


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