Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Post Trip

I've had a few days to decompress and unpack my thoughts on  the trip I took last week with the church.
It was an intense few days.  I feel like I'm back on track and I'm unwilling to give it up again. It was such a blessing to get to know the people from the church and let them get to know me a little.

I wish I'd taken more pictures of the church family and of the speakers.  I got so carried away listening that I forgot to document what was going on.

There was some amazing preaching the last day. Started with Pastor Brad White, continued with Ron Carpenter (my favorite of the trip) and ended with Dharius Daniels.
Dharius was an extremely dynamic preacher. I'm anxious to hear more from him.

Still Ron Carpenter was mind  blowing to me. I am definitely a fan.

So here are some pics from the trip. Blessed to go, and if at all possible I'll go back again one day.

Thanks for reading


Creative Steam App Session

Lobby Ceiling

Boom Cam on the first night. Hard to focus with this thing whipping over head

Durring the creative stream the Worship band performed their big Christmas number

Lance by the charging station.

Church family getting ready to learn

Brad White preaching. Amazing Message

Lobby on that first night. 

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