Monday, February 11, 2013

Mini Portfolio's

I've talked ab out them before on here and I stand by them.  I have gotten more work from these little give aways than I've ever gotten with email.

Here is how it works, in case you missed it last time.

I take some of my art and size it a 4x6. Then I take them on a jump drive to Wal-Mart (or any quick photo).  Wal-Mart just happens to charge 13 cents a photo which is awesome.
So i get them printed then while Im there I pick up a cheap photo album like this one.....

I picked it up at the photo lab register for $1.49.

Then I went home and put the photo's in it along with my business card.

I have less than $3.00 in one of these with 10 glossy pieces of art

Next I send them out to prospective clients.  Unlike forgettable email that are read and then easily forgot these have a way of sticking around.  A handful of times now I have heard from a client who came across this on thier desk months after I mailed it out and they contact me about work.

Today I got an email from a client that found one on their desk I had sent out last April.  Unfortunately I couldn't help the client because they need the art in a format I am unfamiliar with. Still I wanted to share the story with you.
Had I just left it at an email last April I sincerely doubt they would have still had my name in their head. These little beauties take up physical space and are harder to delete than an email.

Thanks for reading.