Friday, February 8, 2013

Comic Book Talk

Been reading a lot of comics here lately. Really digging X-Force vol 3.

If you had asked teenage me which X-man was the best I would have definitely picked Cyclops. Thanks to Jim Lee and Chris Claremont back in the 90's.  I remember picking up X-men 1 the week it came out. I don't know if I ever looked at a single issue as much as I did that book.
X-MEN #1 Gatefold Cover Oct 91

I collected that comic until a little after the wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey. Then I fell off for a long time.

Wedding of Jean Grey (Phoenix/Marvel Girl) and Scott Summers (Cyclops)

     I came back on board for the New X-Men written by Grant Morrison. Morrison will pull me into any book he is writing. Dude is creepy IRL but he can write a comic.

SIDEBAR - for more on Morrison's strangeness watch this video, be warned he is going to swear, talk about aliens, sigils and various sundry occult business

      Lost intrest again after that. My problem with the X books are the same as they are for the Batman books. I love a good Batman story, I like a good Batgirl story and could care less about Robin, Batwing or Nightwing outside of a story contained in a Batman book.
      For instance the first Batman and Robin arc of DC's new 52 was great it was one story told over 3-4 issues of one book and had both characters in it. That to me is perfect to me.  Even if I am buying 5 Batman books a month I  like them self contained in that book.
Batman and X-men do not do that however.
      You may collect X-men for 11 months and you have them all bagged and boarded and placed in a long box. then out of nowhere your next issue is continued in X-Force, or X-factor or Deapool, the New Mutants or 1 of  the other books I don't care about just costing me money and clouding up my collection with random single issues.
      This latest Batman storyline "Death of the Family" about the Joker returning to Gotham with his new look after volunteering to have his face removed in the New 52 Detective Comics #1.
      Now if I want the full story I would have to get a bunch of books I wouldn't buy normally. Honestly though, I torrent the ones I don't want to buy. Even in the digital world I don't want single issues clogging my collection. 
      It's maddening and that is why i avoided the X-men for so long.

      However with that said I did recently start reading the All New X-men by Brian Michael Bendis cuz that guy can spin a yarn.  It is really good too.  So far its 7 issues in and Current Beast has traveled to the past to bring the original teen x-men back to our time. In hopes that young Scott Summers can convince current Scott Summers to simmer down.
      As you may or may not know Scott Summers possessing the power of the phoenix force killed Dr Charles Xavier at the climax of another long crossover "Avengers vs X-men.

Cyclops doing away with Prof X

      It's been a great read so far and it stands alone which keeps me reading.  

      All and all I've enjoyed the new Marvel Now books and find them infinitely more readable than the new 52.
      Those got old real quick.
      Superior Spiderman and Thor God of Thunder are both extremely fun. While Iron Man is one of my favorite characters, currently it's looking like it might be the first I drop.  Right now its in an Iron Man in space story and I'm not a fan. Art is fantastic though.

     Thanks for reading


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