Wednesday, February 13, 2013

C3 2013 Day 1

This week, I have been blessed to be part of the C3 Conference at Fellowship church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area.
I live in Lebanon, Missouri.

It was a long drive but well worth it . I could have driven another 8 hours with this group.

The church where the conference is being held is amazing and very friendly. It doesn't seem put on or insincere in any way.
We started a sermon series at our church in Missouri last Sunday and discussed the family of God & I've certainly got a taste of it tonight.
It's one thing to go into your home church and fell comfortable. To go to a strange church in another state & feel instantly welcome is all together different.
Can't say enough about the welcome.

The conference kicked off tonight with a performance from the Worship team from Fellowship Church and as a show it was spectacular.
I was pretty mesmerized by the size of the church & the scope of the display for a spiritual movement but others in the group & many across the auditorium who are less easily distracted were genuinely touched.

After that the host Pastor Ed Young spoke and it was both entertaining & surprisingly significant to me personally. Which came as a surprise.
Expecting a good message from Pastor Young I was not counting on it speaking directly to me.

Afterwords there were more good times with my church family & now here I am at 12:59AM too jazzed to nod off.

Figured a good use of my time would be to get some of this down for you the intrepid reader & for my own mental wellness.

I don't know what the next couple days will have in store for me.
I feel this is really going to help bring me out of my shell & help restore me to a path I once walked.

I can't say thank you enough to the gang from Lifepoint for letting me join their creative team & treating me as family on the trip. I'll try to serve in a way God willing that will let me show you.

Thank you for reading

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  1. Awesome!!!! So glad that you are having a good time. Sounds like a great experience for you.
    Love you,