Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nervous Rambling

I'm nervous and by the time i finish writing this blog I may know for sure if its an unwarranted anxiety or not.

I have an excellent client. Until recently 98% of my work came from them.  I picked up a new client a couple weeks ago. Which is nice but I need both clients.

My main client has this thing where they send me oh say 5-10 designs.  They get really excited about the designs.  I send all 10 finished assignments back and I receive word in a week about a couple of them. I invoice them and then I may or may not hear about the others.

So eventually it added up. They got busy and were sending jobs but I never found out about them.  Finally after there over 50 I contacted my handler and he said I should put them all together and send them to him.
I didn't hear for a week so I asked about it.  He said Friday it would get settled today.

So today I haven't heard from him about them.  I finished up an assignment over the weekend and I did hear about it but not the 53 that are still out.
Then about an hour ago I got an email with corrections on my current design and a note telling me he will get with me on the pdf of my later tonight.

Now I am nervous that they feel like have been whining and are gonna stop using me.

My only proof or atleast my only reason for worrying is because the last corrections they sent today felt short or curt.  May not be have been but thats how it read and now i'm nervous.

I'll keep you posted on what happens with the 53 and if I get more work or not from them.

Thanks for reading


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