Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nervous Rambling Part 2

I posted earlier this week that I was nervous to hear from a client.

Well after being nervous for 3 days they contacted me and bought 20 of the designs as is.  So that leaves 20 designs they asked for specifically left to hear about and 10 designs that they told me to just do some "spec" work and I'm hoping they will buy.
I admit those 10 are a long shot I honestly think it was the clients way to keep me from working for anyone else while they got their ducks in a row.

Now that I have sold half of the designs I feel a little better.
I know that if they had bought the designs as I did them I would have sold them all instead of having to worry they are going to pass on designs they ordered which is kinda a downer.

Also there is the worry that instead of spreading the money out they are now going to pay a larger sum all at once. That always makes me worry that the client will decide they have paid to much to me in a month and slow down orders.

So now I wait to see what the next wave of designs, the ones they didn't buy "as is". Hoping the corrections on 20 designs is not going to throw a monkey wrench into my already tight deadline schedule.

Ultimately I'll stop worrying about this after all the designs are done and invoiced.

Then if the client still sends me work I will finally feel ok about this whole mess.

thanks for reading and of course your prayers would be appreciated. This is my big client and if I lose them it'll cripple us.



  1. Hey Man,

    Ky3 is hiring a Graphic Artist right now. I know you enjoy your work at home but I always make sure to let friends know about opportunities that may interest them!