Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Great Day

Got up this morning and Ash was home one last day.   She was feeling good so after she woke up which wasn't until about 11:30 or so I took her to Mom's and went to see one of my oldest friends. He lives out in the country a ways and they only have one car so he's homebound most days.

So I went out there to see him and get some advice of some wildlife work I have coming up.  I'm not particularly good at wildlife designs.  He taught me an amazing trick and I can't wait to get to use it.

Anyway I got to hang with him for a few hours.   We discussed some of our "issues" like the fact now that we both do art as a job we don't feel like drawing much in our free time.  Both of us have an aversion to people theses days.  It made me not feel as crazy knowing that there was another person so much like me that has the same issues.

So that was a blast it was great to see him.  Then I picked up my oldest and came home with her, ate some Chinese food and helped her with her homework.

Went and saw my friend at the Gun Store/Army Surplus made plans to meet him later and then came home to the family.

It's been a great day.
Still haven't heard about all the work I've been waiting to be ok'd but I'm not as anxious as I was about it.  I'm sure it will work out.

Thanks for reading y'all


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