Saturday, December 29, 2012


I republished my website tonight & I'm trying to decide if its worth having for another year.
It will expire in a few months and I'm just unsure if it is something that is necessary.
I have 2 good clients & it was good to have when I was trying to showcase my stuff to them. Since I have pretty steady work right now (Praise God) it feels less like something I really need.
It does feel classier than just directing a prospective client to a Deviant Art account.
I think back to my old partner & the fact that he had me design him a website for him. He never directed ANY traffic that way.
Or my friend John who moved to help start a new church & they had a website designed. Now granted it was designed by a member of the church & I don't know if it cost them to build it. Still I was at the site last week & their blog hasn't been updated since July.
Seems like a waste of time.

I don't want my site to be just a vanity thing.
I do host my blog there & I update this thing a lot.
So I drive some traffic to it at least that way.

Guess ill figure this out before it expires.

If you are reading this & a fellow artist let me know if you have a site & if you think it's worth it.

Thanks for reading

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