Saturday, December 29, 2012


Closing out the year with a couple projects.  This has been a pretty great year for art. Not the most lucrative but any year that goes by where my only job is drawing is a good year.
Currently  have 3 good clients which is weird for me.

Just some randomness for this blog that is too long for tweets or too random for facebook.
On here I don't feel like Im forcing myself on you like on facebook.  This is completely elective. So if you've made it this far then it's your own fault.

The highlight of my year was the UpperDeck card set.  I got paid to draw Marvel characters and that is a dream come true

I realized this year as well that I can't look at other artists work unless I think I'm better than them. However if I think I'm better than you but we work for the same client I have to avoid your work because then I get irritated that we are probably making comparable money.

Lost my best friend this year and found out that really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
He kinda went pretty pretencious & condecending  over the last year or so.

Finally, a big thank you to my wife Linda Myers for hanging in there with me for the last 12 and a half years. She is probably the only reason I have been able to do this for a living.  Even though we are broke a lot of the times she still encourages me to just do this.  She knows this is what makes me happy. So thanks Lin if you are reading this.

Thanks for reading?


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