Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas List

OK, this feels weird, I am not asking for anything for Christmas but there are a few relatives and such that want to know what I want were they to get me  anything.

I'd rather all focus be on my kids but I understand my mother and wife will probably get me something.

Here is a list of a few things I need. These are all the styles I like not necessarily the exact item.  I didn't include links cuz you can get them at any dept store.
As far as colors go Black and Earth tones for outer wear and it doesn't matter for shirts or lounge pants

A Coat.

I haven't had a coat since 2004.  I had a Carhart coat that lasted me 10 years and it was fabulous.  After I tore it up I never bought another.  I'm just not outside that often when its cold.  However as I get older I get Colder.
This green coat is a lot like the one I lost back in '04
I know it would last for another 10 years or better.


Tight knit beanie or "boggin" cap. Ribbed is the best and usually the tightest.  I like to know a hat is there.

Fleece Pullover

No zip up and not a "sweat shirt" while some are made of fleece its not the same as a fleece pullover.
Again with outer wear like this black or earth tones. Hoods are fine

If I do not get a coat this winter I will be wearing fleece instead and while they aren't as warm as a coat they help.  currently down to 2 and I could use another (or 2)


 size XL God willing I won't get any bigger. I like plaid but I do not wear flannel often.  It shrinks and fits me weird. I wear long sleeves pretty near year round so never short sleeves.

Lounge Pants

I spend ALL of my time at the house in lounge pants. I work from home and this is my uniform.  I can not have too many of these and currently I only have 2 pair.  My mother and Father in Law got me a pair last year and I have almost wore them thru in places.  

Gift Card Amazon or iTunes

I don't buy DVD's or blue rays anymore all my movies are digital so an Amazon or an iTunes gift card is great.

So thats my list.  If you are going to get me something and I'd just as soon you didn't.  Being a freelance artist while its a dream come true isn't necessarily the best paying gig and we can't afford to spend much for Christmas ourselves.
So especially if this is one of those "Let's get them something great, so they spend the same or more on us" kinda thing don't bother cuz thats not going to happen.  Wish it could but it's not in the cards this year.

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