Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Best of 2012 (the Books)

My favorite books of 2012

I read 74 books this year.  Which seems low for me but I’ve been a little distracted.

First off Non Fiction. this year I think i read less nonfiction than I have in years. I used to alternate fiction and nonfiction but this year I didn’t.  I think that was probably because of my preoccupation with Jack Reacher novels. 

Hunt for Bin Laden books.  I read Man Hunt by Mark bergen twice this year.  I also read the Finish by Bergen as well.  He was also the author of Black Hawk Down a few years back. An expert in nonfiction.
Along the same lines but certainly not as well crafted was another Bin Laden book.  This time by one of the Navy Seals that was there on the ground during the raid that finally killed Bin laden in his Abbotabad compound.
These books were spellbinding start to finish.  

Nephilim & The Pyramid of the Apocalypse, The Return of the AntiChrist and Apocalypse Soon all by Patrick Heron.
These books are all M.r Herons theories of the end times and its connection to the beginning of time and the Nephilim from Genesis 6:2.  As he says in the books, these are just his theories and posibilities. With that said they are just impossible to put down.  I read the Nephilim and the Pyaramid of the Apocalypse 3 times this year and twice were in a row. Do yourself a favor and read some Heron.

Fiction time.  I read some great book and some ok books this year.  I finally decided this year that if a book wasn’t at least decent then there was no point to finish it.  Life is indeed too short to read crappy books.

Jack Reacher Books A lot of my time was spent reading Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child. I went thru 15 of the books this year.  I’m sure that makes the series my favorite of all time.  I don’t recall ever reading that many books about one character any other time.
Worth Dying For was my favorite.  You don’t need to read the books in any order and I highly recommend the series.

Origin by J.A. Konrath - This was an older book I just got around to this year and it was mesmerizing.  
It’s a supernatural thriller about a box uncovered while digging the Panama Canal.  The box is a tomb and the creature inside may just be the Devil himself.  Excellent book and another one I read twice this year.

11-22-63 by Stephen King tells the story of a man who discovers a portal to the past and his planning to stop the assassination of JFK.  This is the first King book i have read in a number of years and it was perfect. I know the plot seems a little strange but it was an excellent read and one I am sure I will revisit in the future.

Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill was the creepiest book I have read in a long time. The story is simple. A man with disposable income collects the macabre. One day his assistant comes across a great find online.  Buy the suit of a dead man complete with Ghost says the ad. He purchases the suit and it arrives in a black heart shaped box. Terror ensues.
Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Finally I am currently reading the Stand.  11-22-63 was so good I decided to read some more King and the Stand seems to be about everyones favorite.
I have enjoyed it so far and I am about halfway thru.

So thats it for this year.

 Thanks for reading.


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