Monday, October 8, 2012

My Vote, My Choice

I vote usually straight republican. I've had people tell me in the past that I should look at the issues rather than the party.
For me however the issues people look at are so often world issues rather than biblical issues.

The 2 key things I look at in big elections (President, Governor, Senate) are

1) Abortion

2) Gay Marriage

I am a Christian man, I know what the bible says on both those issues so I vote for the person who reflects my beliefs the most.

Not all Republicans are pro-life but such a vast majority are. Especially in the big seats. If my local district commissioner or county clerk are pro-choice, I'll never know. It's not something that is covered in local elections and since they don't help shape policy I feel safe with straight Republican

For instance in the upcoming Presidential Election I feel that Romney mirrors my feelings on those 2 topics. Where as Obama is completely opposite.

This is what a leading Pro-Choice website has to say about Romney

  • In 2007, former Gov. Romney said, "I will be a pro-life president." 3
  • That same year he also said, "I am pro-life and I support pro-life legislation…. I think the Roe v. Wade one-size-fits-all approach is wrong."4
  • When asked if the repeal of Roe v. Wade would be a good day for America, former Gov. Romney responded, "Absolutely." 5
  • Former Gov. Romney also said "absolutely" when asked, "Would you have supported a constitutional amendment that would have established the definition of life at conception?" 6
  • Vowing to defund Planned Parenthood, former Gov. Romney wrote that he would "eliminate Title X family planning programs," which includes federal funding for birth control and cancer screenings. 7
  • In discussing how he would address the country’s debt, former Gov. Romney responded, "Of course you get rid of Obamacare, that’s the easy one, but there are others," he said. "Planned Parenthood, we're going to get rid of that."8
  • He even vowed to eliminate President Obama's policy ensuring that women can get contraceptive coverage without a copay. He called the policy "a violation of conscience." 9

So there you have it.  Obama is pro-choice so I will not vote for him.

I will never vote for an openly pro-choice President.

Same for gay marriage. Romney, while I definitely don't agree with his Mormon beliefs and never thought I would vote for a Mormon. He is the only choice in my opinion for someone that is for the conservation of marriage and Pro-life.

As far as foreign policy goes, that is going to be the same either way.  If the president mattered at all when it comes to that subject Obama would have done more to stem the tide rather than burgeon it.  I think the site has the best sheet on this.

So that doesn't matter either way. Bush got us in and Obama has left us there.

Not that im a hippie, I think we are fine over seas. While the death of a soldier is terrible it is the job they signed up for. God bless them for it

That is why I vote the way I do. Even when there is no chance for the guy I am going to vote for to win.
For instance in Missouri where I live the Senate race is down to Claire McCaskil and Todd Akin.  Todd made a statement a couple months ago that was mind numbingly dumb. After the statement he was asked by the GOP including Romney himself to drop out and he refused.

Todd is Pro-Life so Todd gets my vote. There is almost no chance for Todd to win the seat but I can't vote McCaskill a well documented pro-choice candidate and I will not just skip voting so Akin it is.

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  1. I challenge people with on these matters, who only vote republican and democrat. There are other parties and others to look towards for change and these two parties have failed on many levels over and over. While we have some seen some great ideas or plans, still no one seems happy with what they do, and we as Americans are accepting this by our chosen leaders. I wasn't a fan of Bush, but he reacted in the completely correct way for 9/11. While Obama is taking us towards a more productive and safer time with the healthcare reform.

    While you and I disagree on the two matters at hand, I urge you to look at some other prospects to vote towards. There are others to think the same as you do, but keep in mind other policies, like with Romney, he has completely changed his views to make sure he gets conservative votes, like yours. Which to me is very very concerning, what other opinions and ideas will he change to satisfy everyone else? What you can think about though is that you seem concerned to a very small degree about his faith of being a Mormon. My question to you is this: If a person of Islamic faith was in the presidential race and supported the same ideas as you and was Republican but on the otherside of the coin, the democratic candidate was a christian but shared different ideas on the matters, which would you vote for?

    I have issues with Obama as well, he has strong feelings towards issues but sometimes doesn't have the backbone to back it up. That is another good thing about Bush, if he thought it was a good idea and would then he would do it, even if the country hated him for it. Obama has done this with very few items and his whole wanting to work with the other party is great and all but scares me to think we could one day only have one party to vote for.

    My hope one day is that we have a very diverse congress and leaders. I would love to see a mixed group of people that are helping build our country for the better.

    Look outside of the box, and find what fits you more on your personal level. While as long as I have known you, you are conservative christian person, don't let that cloud your ideas on what you want to do with your vote and keep you voting for a party that doesn't seem to do it. I know I try but it is hard with all the media's focus on just these two.

  2. Wow, I write posts and kinda forget about them. I didn't realize you had posted a comment until just now.

    I see what you are saying.

    I vote now because it's my choice. However when I do vote its for the candidates I know support the biblical worldview.
    You might as well ask if I would vote for a lion or a seamonster.

    I simply don't have to vote.

    I dig Ron Paul but unfortunately he doesn't have a chance.

  3. Yeah, I try to post comments when I can!

    But we are at that point, the lesser of two evils and that really bums me out. I would love someone that thinks of the people as a whole and doesn't focus on, getting our country back from those dang liberals or vise versa.

    I am glad you vote with your own voice, I do the same. Like every american should and hopefully will. I hate political parties and I think that really stands in the way of the real issues.

    I like Ron Paul, I am all for the constitution and less big government and more local government but I am also for the government helping it's people. Sadly, libertarians won't have a chance until people vote for them.

    But who knows. I just want a country that is fair to the most conservative person to the most liberal person.