Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Killing Dr Tiller

I watched a documentary last night on Netflix called the Assassination of  Dr. Tiller.

It seemed like a pretty "pro-choice" doc.  Dr Tiller was a Kansas Dr that performed abortions.  He was one of only 3 doctors in the U.S. at the time that specialized in late term, 2nd and 3rd trimester terminations.

Eventually a pro-life nut-case killed shot him dead with a Taurus .22.
While it is extremely tragic for the family of Dr. Tiller the fact that his clinic closed and Abortions were no longer available in that area for 200 miles seems like a pretty fair trade.

I'm not advocating killing an abortion doctor but I also can't be upset at a person who does.  They are unbalanced for sure but thats one less person killing babies.
As with the case in Wichita Dr Tiller's colleagues closed the clinic and shortly after for fear of more action by nut jobs the 2 other clinics closed in that area.

2 things about that story stuck in my head.

Number one is that the doctors collegues and a few patients were interviewed and several times they mentioned how the doctor performed a legal medical procedure. How much the procedure was needed to to help young women who were victims of rape or incest.

That is the big thing that people site as a "good" reason for abortion.

So I took to the web and according to many sites including the Washington Post and NY Times the percentage of abortions due to rape and incest is 1%.  So 99% of abortions are for selfish reasons alone.

Things like not being ready for a baby or having so much more stuff they want to do.  It shouldn't even be a question.
Abortions should be illegal but I understand they are not and may never be but there certainly should be some guidelines in place to stop people from having them for frivolous reasons. If you are mature enough to be careless and get pregnant or even accidentally get pregnant you should have to feel the weight of those decisions.  I don't buy the line that it was a hard decision but for the best.

At very least you should be surgically stopped from having kids after an abortion.

There was a lady interviewed who was told there was a high chance that the delivery would kill her so the woman chose to terminate the baby rather that possibly die herself.
I find that disgusting.  The idea that anyone would choose themselves over their child is beyond comprehension to me.

The second thing that just blew my mind was that Dr Tiller was shot in church. The face of late term abortion was a member of a congregation.

No wonder the body of Christ is so weak today.

Everyone should be welcomed at church but there needs to be repentance. If you are not repentent of your sins or continue to not see an issue with something God is so clearly against someone needs to confront you with the gospel

You can't allow someone to use your church as a social club or cover and hope eventually that something said from the pulpit effects them.  You must address the issue.

This man was aborting full grown babies, going to church every week and seeing nothing wrong with what he was doing and without remorse for what he had done.  His church dropped the ball.

It was more shocking to me than the murder of the Dr himself. 

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