Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I had an instagram account but I closed it because I was following too many people I didn't really want to follow.
I didn't want to unfollow them because I didn't want to hurt their feelings or be rude. Which I know I'd ridiculous.
I get that way with a lot of social media. I dive in head first and follow back or friend people and then realize I don't really care.  Thank the good Lord that twitter has mute.

So rather than unfollow people I decided I would just start over.
I've had the account for about a month and I've posted 16 pics. As opposed to my old account where I posted almost everyday.

It was often time art or sketches I was working on.  Then I got the job working on the sketch card set.  It was a hundred cards. Penciled, inked and colored and I got it done in about 3 weeks.

Ever since I finished I just don't draw much recreationally. I work from home on my Mac designing t-shirts for a living so I still get to be creative. I just don't sit down after a day of designing and draw like I used to.
I think I burned myself out with those cards. They were a blast but I had 2 months to finish them and I just could't stop so i finished way early.  At the time I was having a blast, now however it's kinda caught up with me.

It used to be a novelty to sit and digitally sketch but since I am at the desk for 12-15 hours a day on average. Now when I'm at a stopping point then in front of the Mac is the last place I want to be.

I'm going to have to just force myself to do it. Maybe get a new moleskin, that seemed to invigorate a friend and personal inspiration of mine.

The reason I titled this post instagram is because thats where I got the majority of feedback. On instagram (in theory at least) people see your pics cuz they genuinely want to. Plus its all you can see there where as with twitter a "twitpic" can easily get lost in the shuffle of a days timeline.

So I guess part of me misses the validaton that comes with "likes" and part of me just likes the idea of getting stuff out there liked or not.

If that makes any sense.

Ok with that said I think I am going to grab some paper and draw some stuff.  Maybe some DC characters. I think I've had all the Marvel I can take for now.

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