Monday, October 15, 2012


I found myself in a sort of debate with an atheist today.

Its a guy I have known since high school and he runs a business next to the shop of one of my best friends.

He likes to argue with people, he's actually said that sentence before. "I like to argue with people." which should have tipped me off that I was in for an experience but I was too late.

We were discussing that space jump or skydive from a couple days ago. where a guy parachuted from 24 miles up.
R (the atheist) started talking about the height of the jump and seeing the curvature of the earth. Somehow segued that into the Bible saying the world is flat and if its wrong there then thats proof that it's probably wrong other places.

My good friend JJ behind the counter said the Bible doesn't say the earth is flat. It says things like "the ends of the earth" and "foundations of the earth".  Which doesn't necessarily mean the author is saying its flat. He is giving a description of length or depth as best he can about an unfathomable distance to him.
The earth is huge even if you talk about the circumference in miles its nearly impossible to really wrap your head around.

R was shocked to find out that JJ believes everything in the Bible.  I was backing upp JJ when get got a customer and R turned his full attention on me.

He said how can you believe in God when science has proven beyond a doubt that the big bang happened and that evolution is a fact.
I said we might not want to get into it because he obviously just wanted to argue and there was no way I was going to change his mind nor he mine.

He said ok then followed with "but just let me ask you one question"

The talk went on for about 45 minutes each stating our case and the other with contradictory "proof" via our smart phones.

I tried several times to walk away with the "Let's just not talk about it" line but each time it was met with "ok, but let me ask one more question".

I don't mind sharing my faith or Christ with a stranger or a friend, atheist or not but when you come across someone that just likes to argue and whose mind is that set against the Word of God it's fruitless.

Thats why I hate watching atheist debates on tv or online.

For EVERY "fact" an atheist or a secular scientist has there are Christian scientists that have a contradictory fact.

When 2 men at the top of their fields get together to argue the loser is always undoubtedly the audience.

It's like a sport, you go to root for whoever you already like or believe.

No one has ever went to a Cardinals game and came home a Cubs fan.

Eventually I had a legitimate reason to excuse myself and I did so.

It's just stuck with me all day because that is what we face everyday and it's just going to get worse.
Right now to the secular world we are the wakkos and not long from now we will be the enemy.


  1. Yes, I agree. Sitting around and arguing about if a higher power is there or what higher power is there goes no where because many people are not open minded enough to respect each other to accept that might be something someone sees eye to eye with.

    Even most Christians, in the various sects, disagree on issues from the once save always saved to the falling from grace.

    Sorry you had such an awful experience with that person.

  2. What I have found is a lot of people claim "the Bible says, or the hebrew word or latin word really means" when in all actuality they have not even read it and couldn't show you where it says what they claim. Furthermore it is foremost when talking with someone about the Bible that you don't let them take out of context which happens a awful lot.
    However sirs, iron sharpens iron, I believe any debating or discussion about the Bible will only make you better for the next one.

  3. Forgot to mention, it is not ok to let people claim scientific theory for fact. Theories are ideas based on facts and cannot be proven. Scientific facts can be tested and proven.