Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm definitely not one of those people that doesn't eat meat because the treatment of animals.  I really don't care a whole lot how a a chicken is treated if it was put on earth for me as food.
I do not care if a cow has its feelings hurt.

However I decided to see if I could go a week without eating meat.  It all started when a friend of Mine (Drew) met me at a new BBQ restaurant for lunch.  in the following 7 days I ate at that restaurant another 4 times.

They only serve sandwiches and they are delicious but its a lot of meat.  I ate one that consisted of sausage wrapped in ham then that was wrapped in bacon.  It was huge.

So I decided to lay off meat for a week.  The plan was to not stat until tomorrow but Since I had went all day Thursday without meat I figured I'd start then and continue for a week starting tomorrow as well with Lin.

Friday to Sat overnight I slept better than i have since I was a kid.  I woke up refreshed and feeling great.  Sat to Sun was the same way and everyday since.

I don't know if this is in correlation to the fact that I haven't had any meat for  6 days or not but I don't even want meat right now.

I'm not a tree hugging hippie, and Im certainly not an animal rights activist but if this treand of amazing sleep persists then I am off meat for good.  Which I don't think would be hard.

Hardest part will be getting my family to not be weirded out by it.  i don't care at all if they eat meat or not, its not about that for me.  For now its just a test of will and a great nights sleep.


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  1. Shelby and I try to be meatless as much as possible. You do feel much better with out that, I think for a while the only meat we did eat was fish, which is much better then red meats.

    Good luck with the meatless lifestyle. Try to bring dishes to family dinners that have meat alternatives in them and allow your family to see that it isn't that bad at all!