Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Facebook vs Kid Icthus

I am trying to not participate in Facebook any longer. 

The only real problem I am going to have with this is that a few of my friends live in other states and facebook is the ONLY way I keep up with them.

What i'm going to do is just use facebook messenger on my phone.  That way, I'll know if someone writes me via facebook but I won't be tempted to post my own stuff there.

The main reason I am stopping is because I have several "friends" on facebook that I didn't have a legitimate reason to deny their request but I'd just as soon not have to read their asinine responses to things I post.  

After 6 months or so of not using it maybe I'll get back on and clean out my friends or maybe I'll be happy with just the messenger.

I was doing really well at not using facebook until my sister Letha contacted me thru there and she likes it better than straight email. So then I found myself checking it everyday and getting involved in the crap that ensues.

I feel partially though like this is more of me being anti-social and I don't want it to seem that way. I want to be social with people I genuinely like, not with people that never gave a hang about me in school but now want to comment on things I am stupid enough to post.

Does that make sense?

I guess the moral of this story is that you should really be careful whom you let friend you. Or maybe its just me.

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