Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trust God (but still Pray)

I trust God to provide over the last year as I became a full time freelancer especially.  Money can be incredibly tight.  Lin and I have 3 children and once God allowed us to sustain ourselves on $23 for 3 weeks. it was amazing.

Coming up in August, I am going to New Mexico for a few days to see my best friends and their brand new baby boy.  I desperately want to go but Brennan busting Linda's phone and us having to replace it kind of crippled our finances.  I am planning the trip as if we have the money to go because I know God will help me out. 

I would very much like for you to help me in praying that things will work out and praising God for all he has done. I really want to see my ABQ family.

Thanks for reading


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