Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler Free

So this morning I finally got to watch the Dark Knight Rises.  I will not post spoilers at all. I just want to talk to you about why I feel this is the Best of the series.

In 1989 I saw the Tim Burton's Batman.  It is the single most important film in my life.  I will never love a movie with the fervor I love that movie.  It literally changed my life.

With that said, The Dark Knight Rises is the best movie I have ever seen. Im not saying I like it the most, I'm not saying its the best movie. I am saying it is without a doubt the most solid, well done, well planned out movie I recall ever seeing.

No I'll tell you why this is the best of the series. Batman! That is the answer.  Batman Begins was the Bruce Wayne story, The Dark Knight while wonderful was too focused in my oppinion on the peripheral characters. The Dark Knight Rises is all Batman, yes other characters play a role but Batman is the star of this film as it should be.

I wonder if the lack of Batman in the Second movie was planned so the third one would feel like you are getting extra Batman.
Any way you slice it it was the Best.

Christopher Nolan is the best director in my opinion that we currently have.  I can't wait to see what movie he chooses next.

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