Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shattered Screen

So last night Brennan my youngest knocked Linda's Samsung Stratosphere of the bed and shattered the screen.  Not like an iphone shatter either. The glass on top is perfect. under the glass however it is spiderwebbed. like it is two panes and only the bottom one is busted.

So this morning she went to Verizon and it turns out that I didn't get the insurance. This was Linda's first smartphone. She took to it extremely quick and you never saw her without her phone.

She used the kindle app all the time.  She has an actual Kindle and hardly touches it.

So this morning i had my iPhone transferred over to her so she can have a phone and i'll have to wait and get one.

I have a bid in on a used iphone from ebay.

I feel terrible buying "stuff" I know i'm going to use the phone all the time but still its depressing.

I own too much stuff and rely too much on my iphone.

I'm sad now.

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