Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sketch a Day

I've been posting a sketch a day over on my instagram since January 1st.  alanwaynemyers is my instagram name if you want to keep up with them over there.
I've been sketching really loose and scratchy in photoshop lately & they have been getting some love and I wanted to share them here..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trust God (but still Pray)

I trust God to provide over the last year as I became a full time freelancer especially.  Money can be incredibly tight.  Lin and I have 3 children and once God allowed us to sustain ourselves on $23 for 3 weeks. it was amazing.

Coming up in August, I am going to New Mexico for a few days to see my best friends and their brand new baby boy.  I desperately want to go but Brennan busting Linda's phone and us having to replace it kind of crippled our finances.  I am planning the trip as if we have the money to go because I know God will help me out. 

I would very much like for you to help me in praying that things will work out and praising God for all he has done. I really want to see my ABQ family.

Thanks for reading


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shattered Screen

So last night Brennan my youngest knocked Linda's Samsung Stratosphere of the bed and shattered the screen.  Not like an iphone shatter either. The glass on top is perfect. under the glass however it is spiderwebbed. like it is two panes and only the bottom one is busted.

So this morning she went to Verizon and it turns out that I didn't get the insurance. This was Linda's first smartphone. She took to it extremely quick and you never saw her without her phone.

She used the kindle app all the time.  She has an actual Kindle and hardly touches it.

So this morning i had my iPhone transferred over to her so she can have a phone and i'll have to wait and get one.

I have a bid in on a used iphone from ebay.

I feel terrible buying "stuff" I know i'm going to use the phone all the time but still its depressing.

I own too much stuff and rely too much on my iphone.

I'm sad now.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler Free

So this morning I finally got to watch the Dark Knight Rises.  I will not post spoilers at all. I just want to talk to you about why I feel this is the Best of the series.

In 1989 I saw the Tim Burton's Batman.  It is the single most important film in my life.  I will never love a movie with the fervor I love that movie.  It literally changed my life.

With that said, The Dark Knight Rises is the best movie I have ever seen. Im not saying I like it the most, I'm not saying its the best movie. I am saying it is without a doubt the most solid, well done, well planned out movie I recall ever seeing.

No I'll tell you why this is the best of the series. Batman! That is the answer.  Batman Begins was the Bruce Wayne story, The Dark Knight while wonderful was too focused in my oppinion on the peripheral characters. The Dark Knight Rises is all Batman, yes other characters play a role but Batman is the star of this film as it should be.

I wonder if the lack of Batman in the Second movie was planned so the third one would feel like you are getting extra Batman.
Any way you slice it it was the Best.

Christopher Nolan is the best director in my opinion that we currently have.  I can't wait to see what movie he chooses next.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


First things first.  I spent quite a bit of time this morning piecing together the ending of the Dark Knight Rises.  This post will contain that ending. So please unless you want to know the ending stop reading now


Warner Bros approved the release of DKR reviews yesterday. I spent about an hour and a half this morning culling thru them to come up with the ending of the movie.  I went to a ton of sites and read both reviews and comment threads. Inevitably you would find a post that spoiled the end and people in the comment thread would say that it was a hoax because they saw it and thats not how it ends.

What I kept coming back to was referred to by a lot of reviewers as "the cafe scene" Finally tracked down a description of the scene.  Didn't seem too important until I found out where it is in the movie.


At the end of the film Bane is killed and Batman uses the Bat to fly Bane's doomsday device into the river.
Batman is assumed dead and time passes with no Batman or Bruce Wayne.

Earlier in the film Alfred tells Bruce that durring the time everyone thought Bruce was dead in Batman Begins, that Alfred had traveled the world looking for him.

After settling affairs in Gotham, Alfred travels.  He is in Paris when he sees a man that looks like Bruce at a cafe (the Cafe Scene). The man is out of focus so the audience cant really tell for sure if it is Bruce.  Alfred starts to approach when he sees that the man is with Selina Kyle (Catwoman and Bruce's love intrest in this film). Alfred decides to leave them alone. Perhaps Bruce has finally found peace.

Now the very last scene to my understanding is this.

Donald Blake, friend of Bruce Wayne is investigating Bruce's disapearance and stumbles upon the Batcave.
He comes accross the Bat suit. Takes his badge off tosses it down and stares at the Batsuit.

Now is where I'd like to discuss why I believe this to be an accurate ending.

There are several endings out there that were either ridiculous or were possible.  The ending i shared with you seems the most plausible for several reasons.

Number one reason is the amount of times you see the Cafe Scene referred to.  Makes it feel like that definitely happens.

Number two is the fact that the ending as described or pretty close is in a lot of weird places.  Can't imagine those sites working with each other to coordinate the hoax.

Third is an interview with Gary Oldman I read a long time ago when production was just starting.
Gary says that he could easily see the franchise continuing in the current Nolan-verse after TDKR. For that to happen either Bruce has to be alive or someone has to take his place.

Then there is the fact that the Donald Blake (Joseph Gordon Levit) hero clix figurine has "Donald Blake code name Azrael" on it.  Azreal is the name of the character that took over as Batman after Bane broke his spine in the comics.

Donald Blake could easily take over as Batman or as a different hero in that particular Gotham city for future Nolan-verse films.

I can't see Warner Bros ending the franchise with a definite death of Bruce Wayne. He is a flagship character.  An illusion of death like in the cafe scene ending maybe but a solid death doesn't feel feasible.

Ok so there it is my rant on the Dark Knight Rises.  I want to say I could be wrong but I am confident that it will be pretty close to the ending above.

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Work

I got some new work today. I was getting kinda nervous because my handler had not talked to me in a week or so.

Today I got a phone call from the company and instead of the handler it was the president. Not necessarily as impressive as it sounds. He turned out to have a few assignments for me. He emailed 7 right away and then an hour later another 2 and then another hour later 2 more.

That is a lot of work. It's going to take a lot of time. I'm not at all upset about the work. I really needed it and it's a God given blessing for sure. I just get weird when I have that much work piled up.

It's crazy because I feel really crappy and bad when I don't have work. Then I get work and either feel just as bad or worse. I feel like I'm going to let them down and not get any more work from them. So then I hem haw around.

It's some fun stuff though. I am doing some truck designs, some religious designs and an Indian pin up which I am stoked for.

So thank God for the work hope I can pull it off successfully.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


So I've decided to try to do at very least one comic strip a month. It os going to be autobiographical in nature.  Kind of an illustrated diary.
Not sure where or how to post them. If they will all be here or if I need to create another blog just for them.  Some will be funny some will be rants and some will be just a day in the life.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Re post, I lost this post from yesterday.  I have been doing the sketch a day challenge over on instagram. Here the thing in order to count all sketches have to be posted by midnight on the day of. So far I only missed one day because instagram was down.

Ive been doing a few really loose celebrity sketches. Here they are.

Ed Norton in American History X

Christian Bale in American Psycho

Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction

Jeff Bridges in Big Lebowski

Kurt Russell in the Thing 

Gerard Butler in 300

Anne Hathaway in the Dark Knight Rises

Andrew Garfield in Amazing Spiderman

Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko

The Winchester Boys from Supernatural

Sweet Merciful Crap!

I love my Blog, its probably the most important thing  to me that I keep up with.  Its means more to me than twitter, facebook or any of the social media.

This morning I went to delete a one post and somehow I deleted all of July and part of June.  It is devastating.

Just devastating.