Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Morning Concert

I enjoy the choir or congregational singing portion of church. I enjoy praising God in song. I can't sing well but I make a joyful noise. It does its job it aligns you and gets you ready to receive the word.

I like the classics and a few newer worship songs.

What I don't need is a concert. I don't come to church to watch other people sing.
I'm not talking about special singing. If a person or group wants to get up and treat the congregation to a song.
What I find as the absolute height of pride is when the worship leader plays his songs as the congregational singing.
I am happy for you if you have a musical gift and if you feel lead by God to write music & praise him with original song.
During congregational singing is not the place however to debut your new album or song. It's not a concert or show.
The crowd does not know the songs they can't sing along and get the feeling you get with singing together in one voice to our Lord.
Even If you have played the songs a few weeks in a row visitors have no idea & won't want to join in. Which robs them of the experience.
How unbelievably prideful is it to assume everyone wants to learn a song you wrote.
It's vanity plain and simple.
Your job as worship leader is to inspire people to praise. To help us come together as one and lift our voice.
Your job is not to try and inspire praise for yourself.

Recently I was at a church and they played nothing but new & "homemade" (for lack of a better word) music.
As I watched the people in front & around me I noticed they were almost all restless.

You can't expect the seed to find purchase if you haven't prepared the ground properly.

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