Monday, June 25, 2012

The New 52

DISCLAIMER: I just finished writing this post and realized that it is pretty random and filled with my opinion so read it at your own risk.  I just wanted to rant about the new 52.

Its been almost a year since the new 52 began. Several books form the original launch failed other thrived.
Here are my thoughts on the new 52 I started reading and whether I'm reading them now.

I read every single issue 1 & 2.  After that though I couldn't bring myself to pick up, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman, Nightwing, Batwing, Birds of Prey, Superboy, Supergirl, Green Lantern Corps, GL New Guardians, Red Lantern, Teen Titans, Blue Beetle, Legion of Superheroes, Legion Lost. All Star Western, Deathstroke, Stormwatch, Grifter, Voodoo, JLD, Frankenstein Agent of Shade, I Vampire, Demon Knights, Mr Terrific, Static Shock, Hawk and Dove, OMAC, Blackhawks, Men of War, JLI, Captain Atom, Resurrection Man, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Firestorm, Green Arrow & Savage Hawkman.

DC Presents - I started reading this because I like Deadman. The book however didn't hold my intrest past issue 3.

Suicide Squad - I wanted desperately to like this book too.  I like the idea of Harley and gang being used by the government for dirty dozen type missions.  The writing to me just wasn't very good. Lets face it you pick the book up for Harley but what you get is a bunch of characters that only make it an issue or 2 before they die & Harley is pushed to the side.  

Animal Man - I got pretty hyped on for the first 6 issues or so but didn't see it going anywhere.

Superman - I despise the new costume. i don't like the writing and I am pretty unhappy with the art. I can't understand why DC wouldn't put a heavy hitter or popular artist on Superman of all things.
The nano tech suit irks me no end. 

Action Comics - The art in Superman really never did it for me so while I still get it every month so far Grant Morrison hasn't wowed me with it.
I wish they would have based the new 52 in Morrison's All Star Superman universe.

SwampThing - I have enjoyed Swamp Thing for the most part. The writing is good the art is mediocre but kinda what I expected for yet another launch of one of my favorite characters.
     I wasn't thrilled with Alec starting out as Alec again, although I did dig his decision to become SwampThing again. I can only hope that the "Green" is finished as a major character. It bothers me slightly that Snyder undid what Moore had done. In so much as durring the Moore run (which is the best SwampThing run EVER and thats fact) Moore established that Alec Holland was dead and the SwampThing was comprised of flatworms and other swamp life that had eaten and absorbed the consciousness of Dr Holland.
     This is in my opinion represents the biggest problem of the New 52.  The way DC cherry picks their continuity for the new books.
    Some things that happened in the old continuity stuck around and other stuff was dismissed.

On a side note I wasn't happy at all with his redesign. I don't need wings or antlers on my Swamp Thing thanks.

Red Hood and the Outlaws - I love Kenneth Rocafort's art, Love It! So even though I'm not wild about the story I still pick it up.

Batman - My favorite of the New 52 books. I love the art first off and then the story has been pretty fun. Even though I don't love the court of Owls being tied into Batmans origins with a ridiculous retcon  storyline subplot. 
I like the ideas of the Court but I  just don't buy the idea that they have been around Gotham since Gotham was formed without Batman the worlds greatest Detective would miss it.
Same with Dick Greyson's connection to the court.
Still the art is great so I'll stick around.

Detective Comics - Started out awesome but has leveled off to just ok for me at least.  Still don't know if the Joker lost his face or not.

Batman the Dark Knight - I dig this book, nothing really bad to say about it.

Batman & Robin - My favorite of the Batman story lines.  Really dug the first story arc with Damien's "Mistake"

Justice League - Art is great but trying to set it n a world where the characters were first meeting feels forced.  Plus Cyborg, really?!? Cyborg?

Aquaman - Close second to the Batman books as my favorite book of the new 52.  I like that the company restored him to his regular iconic look.
The first issue was spot on perfect and it hasn't dropped much from there. Just a solid book.

My big problems with the New 52 are
1) Continuity
2) Pointless character redesigns
3) Back up stories.

Back up stories is a big one too. To charge $3.99 for a book and then only give you a handful of pages for the first story and then pad the thing with a pointless secondary story seems like a rip off. Especially in the Justice League where Jim Lee does copious splash pages that while they are beautiful still don't seem to drive the story. 
I hate the back up stories and find myself wanting to torrent those books rather than pay extra money for less "A game" content. 

DC had a good idea, making a jumping on point for all their books at once.  It got me to read books that I never thought i'd like again. It has actually kept me coming back month after month for certain titles. 
So in the long run I guess they win

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