Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iPad 3

I've been squirreling away a little money to add to birthday money and get myself an iPad 3 (technically called the New iPad).
Now that the day to buy it is closing in rapidly i feel bad.  I start to find myself worried that work will dry up or something will go wrong with a car.
There are so many things we could use it on or we could just put it in the bank.
Then I start missing having a tablet.

I had an ipad for a while back last year. Actually almost exactly a year ago.  I got it a few weeks after my birthday.
I had it for several months and used it everyday for everything form sketching to reading comics.  Reading comics was the big thing though.
I read a lot of digital comics partly due to back issues available on torrent sites. The iPad made it possible for me to from reading on my tiny phone screen to reading comics from my childhood almost full size.
It's mind boggling to me to be able to rebuild my collection from child hood digitally at such a low cost ranging from free to $2.99 and issue for newer stuff.

I have 59 gigabits of comics stored on my external hard drive right now.  It's a great thing.

I sold my iPad 2 last year when money got tight.  i feel bad owning things when money dries up.  I feel like Lin is looking at me funny cuz I had this high dollar piece of equipment and im working from home. So I sold it and did all right. I missed it but i had my iphone so it was a little easier.

Then I got the Kindle Fire.  I thought it was the bees knees for a long time too.  Until money dried up again and I sold it to try and show Lin that I was trying.

I missed it more than the ipad I think.  Not because it was a better machine but because I got a ridiculous deal on it and i could read my comics again on a bigger scree.  Sliding from panel to panel is a pretty crappy way to read a comic especially anything in the DC's New 52 because of all the splash pages.

I decided then to start saving for an iPad again.

That brings us to date.  Now I am debating on getting one or not.  I want too but then if things get tight I don't want to sell it again.
I have a bad habit of that.  I have had 7 iphones since they were originally released and i didn't get my first one until they had been out a while.

Geez, I  feel better after typing all this.  I gotta admit I am probably going to buy it and see what happens from there.

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