Thursday, April 26, 2012

Updates and New Projects.

Sunday I sent out 5 of the giveaway portfolios I blogged about last week. This morning i was offered some work from one of the companies and the guy I talked to cited my mailer as the hook that got him to contact me.

Secondly I just want to talk about the blessings going on right now in my life.

Of course when I think blessings I think of my wife Lin.  I don't know how she puts up with me but she does and she constantly encourages and supports me doing this freelance thing.  My whole family (Mom & Carrie) is pretty darn supportive but they don't live with the consequences both in morale and financial of me a month without work like Lin does and still encourages me to plug on.  

To that end, the dry spell it would appear has finally given way to some work.

One of the assignments is from the Number 1 company on my list of clients I have wanted to work for since I learned Ps back in the day.  If I sufficiently impress them God willing, I should have a good client for a long, long time.

The second assignment is a little less impressive but its guaranteed work.  Plus I agreed to build a website for my friends new business for a ridiculously small amount of money.

Anyway, just wanted to keep you all posted.  God has been good. Even when things were so tight we couldn't do anything we still got by.  He provided for us. One extra tight month we went almost 30 days on $23 and besides the stress it put on me you would have never noticed.  We ate we had fun and we spent time together as if we had a vault full. Obviously we couldn't spend like that. We ate a lot of stuff out of the deep freeze her parents got for us a while ago.  That was a blessing too come to think of it.

Anyway, Thanks for reading

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