Friday, April 6, 2012


I just got home from watching the movie Titanic for the first time.

I had no intrest to see it when it was first released nor on its subsequent home video releases. With it being rereleased in 3D however I figured the big screen is the way to see it so I went this afternoon.

I dug the beginning of the movie with the subs and what not in the remains of the Titanic.

I didn't mind the love story and I really enjoyed the sinking.

In this blog I will show you why Rose is one of the most selfish characters movie history.

1) They lifted her out of the helicopter in her wheel chair when she landed on Bill Paxton's boat. If she can walk and climb up on the rail of the ship at the end she was more than capable of getting out of the helicoptor without the guys hoisting her seat and all.
She could have gotten up and walked to the door and then accepted thier help getting out of the chopper.
Right there is your first glimpse of selfish Rose.

Now in flashback durring the sinking you see Jack and Rose on the back of the ship over the railing and waiting for the ship to sink. Rose looks over and sees a girl hanging on completely perpendicular to the water. Rose watches from her safe perch with Jack as the blonde lady loses her bout with gravity and plunges to her death.
Once safe on the high side of the railing why didn't Rose and Jack help that poor girl. Yes like Jack she might of died later on and I do know this is a work of fiction. I just don'r see how this sensitive Rose can just watch the lady dangle and eventually fall without so much as a hand.

We are supposed to like Jack and Rose and from what I had heard over the years they were supposed to be good people but even the despicable Cal saves a girl, to his own end mind you but saved none the less. Rose and Jack cared about no one but Rose. I almost typed "themselves" but Jack clearly cared more about Rose than himself.
Finally in what I consider the most grievous act of selfishness in the film Rose drops the diamond into the sea.
Old Rose introduces herself and her grand daughter to Paxton at the beginning.
She says. "This is my grand daughter and she takes care of me."
The important part being "She takes care of me".
Now what does it take to take care of an elderly woman in a wheel chair? This poor lady looks after her grandma by her self. Why is that? Is it because she doesn't have any more family or is it possibly because she is a self absorbed hag of a woman that no one else could stand?
Thats all supposition, so lets keep to the facts. How does this old woman pay her grand daughter back for the years of care taking? She drags her out to the middle of the Atlantic aboard a boat of strangers. She tells her essentially that Jack was the love of her life. In other words "I settled for your grandpa, If that boat hadn't sunk young lady you wouldn't be here."

Then as the ultimate act of selfishness she drops the necklace over the side of the boat, sans wheel chair I might remind you. Then she goes and dies.

Could she not have willed it to her grandchild for taking care of her. Or at least taken a few diamonds beside the blue stone in which it was surrounded?

Not rose she drops it overboard and dies. If she hadn't performed that last terrible act of selfishness, her granddaughter would have discovered her dead and been a millionaire.

Paxton says durring the movie that the heart of the ocean is worth more than the hope diamond. The hope diamond I googled and discovered is estimated by some at over a quarter of a BILLION.

This withered old shrew would rather drop the thing into the sea than let her saint of a granddaughter have the thing.

Don't try and tell me that it was "dirty" money either. It was a gift and while not respectable, there is no law that you have to return a gift.
Paxton certainly would not have given it back to the Cal's descendants.

Now what about Paxton's character. he thinks this old woman is going to help him find the thing he has been obsessed with for 3 years and instead she hides it from him and discards it. That mans life is ruined. It's like his camera man quipped at the beginning when they found the empty safe.. "This same thing happened to Geraldo and he never recovered."

Rose, dear reader does nothing in the entire movie to suggest she is a good person.

I did not expect to like the movie beyond the special effects and could never imagined the genuine rage Rose conjured upon producing the stone and wasting it.

Wow I needed that rant, thanks for reading.


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