Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kirk Cameron

I recently saw a skit on Funny or Die titled “Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron” I will include a link to the video but be warned the acronym for their organization is a vulgar word and it is used several times for comedic effect.
This skit is in response to Kirk’s appearance on CNN’S Piers Morgan show. When asked about homosexuality Kirk said  It’s “unnatural,” & “I think that it’s — it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”
It was clearly Piers just trying to make a “water cooler moment”.
What I want to talk about first is the “stars” of the skit. The only one who could possibly be referred to as a star would be Christine Lakin and that would be pushing it.
She played the daughter of Patrick Duffy on the ABC sitcom Step by Step from ’91-’98
The rest were has beens desperately trying to get 15 more minutes of fame.
Let’s face it when you are such amazing characters as “Loud-Mouth Guy” and “Male Tour Guide” in direct to video movies you obviously need all the help you can get. One of the actors is Jeremy Licht (The Hogan Family), he didn’t even memorize lines.  You can watch his eyes move as he reads the cue cards or TelePrompTer. No wonder he has done NOTHING since his show went off in the 90’s. While his co-star Jason Bateman is a legitimate movie star.
There was a woeful lack however of former child stars as successful as Kirk.  People like Neil Patrick Harris, who is not only still successful but in direct oposition to Kirk’s opinion.   A cast member from Family Ties, Silver Spoons, or even Who’s the Boss would have made it believable.  What they got was an assortment of  people, that while they may also believe in what they are talking about are just desperate for attention.
Say what you will about Kirk Cameron but he is successful. He has a successful ministry, a camp for seriously ill children and makes the occasional movie because he wants to not because he has too.
Part of the comedy of the skit is the lack of anyone even remotely as recognizable as Kirk Cameron. The fact the the people they got to be in the skit aren’t in on that joke makes it funnier.
Secondly, put the absurdity of the child celebrities in the skit aside and you are left with one thing.
The attack on Christian values and beliefs.  By forming the attack as a skit it gets glossed over but thats what it is.  By holding Kirk up to ridicule you give the message that his opinions are stupid and laughable.
The more you mix comedy into attacks like this the more mainstream you can make them without getting in trouble.  After all it is comedy they would say.
Everywhere you turn these days Christians are looked at as crack pots.  We are called intolerant if we tell the truth. Looked at as ignorant if we defend our faith.  Meanwhile the atheists or liberal Christians can call us anything they want and they are not considered intolerant.  
They try desperately to rewrite history, to tell us that Christian values were not the cornerstone of the country.
They point to us as whats wrong with America.  They scream for their rights but try to take ours.  
Kirk is a man I believe should be looked up to and admired for his steadfastness in his beliefs. You will always get a straight Bible-fact answer from him. He doesn’t hem haw or try to put a pc front on it. That is enviable no matter what your beliefs.  
I am a Christian and not half  the believer that Kirk Cameron is. I agree with him on every statement I have heard him make.  I have turned off his religious show when it stepped on my toes or became uncomfortable.
He is an inspiration to me every time I hear him speak.
I thank God for men like him that will not waiver or bend the truth to save public face, in a world where the public is getting increasingly less Christian friendly.
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