Wednesday, April 25, 2012

King of Kings

Put this together today. Freelance had been a little slow for the last month or so.
When I didn't have an assignment, I found myself getting lazy.
I worked on some sketch cards to see if I could find some work doing that.
I sent a few mailers out to some companies looking for shirt or sketch card work.
I wasn't designing much though.

I was on a pretty good track of designing even if I didn't have an assignment. It kept me focused & I got some pretty good personal designs done. Then when this last dry spell hit I fell off the track & found myself kinda down & sleeping a lot.

I decided last night that this morning I would start a design. 10 hours later I had the design below.
I had fun with it. I hand drew both Jesus and the Lion. Which was time consuming but fun.

About 7pm tonight I received an email. A client I was trying to woo finally gave me an actual assignment.
I can't tell you how excited & blessed I am to get this work.
God willing there will be more on the horizon from them & others.
The company I'm starting this assignment for, if satisfied will be an excellent client for years to come.

Thanks for reading

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