Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Cowardly Lot

Freelance artists are by and large scavengers.
We are separate from the artists that create works for themselves. Although we do produce vanity pieces it's the freelance assignment that butters our bread.
When I started freelancing I guess I was nieve. I noticed how other artists seldom if ever mentioned a clients name.
They talked plenty about having work but not the client name.

I however talked freely about who I worked for. If I did a job for someone's had no problem saying their name.

Then came the betrayal of my one time mentor.

So now that's where I am. I've had to start from scratch building a new client list. This time I won't be telling a soul including my non artist friends a single name.

It's weird being this tight lipped about it. I'm certainly used to being more open about what I'm doing.

Seems my transformation to professional artist is complete.

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