Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Website

Welcome to the all new one stop location for all things Alan Wayne Myers related.

About a month ago I decided I no longer needed a website. I wasn't updating it very often and I had not blogged there in 2 or more years. It was just stagnant. So I deleted it from Go Daddy completely and started looking for a "free" place I could keep an online portfolio. What I didn't realize was how often I sent prospective clients there.

After deleting it I got the contact info for a new company and I ended up emailing them with my request for work and 10 separate jpegs of samples. Took forever to email and I know it probably clogged the clients email downloading all of them if they bothered.
Paid off in the long run cuz they did like what they saw and i will be doing some work for them later this month or early next month.

I looked thoroughly for a week or so & discovered that most the sites that offer "FREE PORTFOLIO HOSTING", or at least the free ones that looked decent were only free to try and get you to upgrade.
They only allowed 5 images on your site unless you moved to the premium/platinum version.

Then I decided my blog could be used to show off my work. the problem there is two fold. One, the prospective client would have to be pretty impressed with the first thing he saw in order for him to wade thru the works in progress and sketches there. Two, that means I couldn't really use it to actually blog. No opinions or random rants just finished art.

After my research and the realization that I need a place to send clients that only a personal website could offer I decided to start this very site.

I guess I could have gone back to Go Daddy but I hate their commercials, their politics and absolutely despised the user interface over there. It was hard to find the things you only need once a year or so like Root directory paths and other techy things I didn't understand.
It is not an interface for those of us who don't really know much about websites.

So I did some more research and found a few providers I liked and eventually settled with a company called Fat Cow. They were cheap, offered a free trail and had a super simple U.I.

Then I had to decide on my domain name. I could have used alanwaynemyers.com again because I still own it but I wanted to start fresh. AlanMyers.com was already taken by a photographer with a good eye and a great name so I had some thinking to do.

I decided to go with the first name I ever did freelance art under back in 2003. We had our first child on the way and I was going to try to supplement our income with freelance work. My mentor Danny was under the name Digital Silver back then and I wanted a cool handle too. I sat around and sketched a bunch of names and possible logo's but I always came back to the stick man doing a kickflip on his skateboard. Its simple and fun to draw.
Some of the unused names were Flaming Clown Designs, UFO Graphics (unbelievably funky ol' graphics) and Brushfire Graphics (Slogan: Designs that'll spread like wildfire!)
Kid Icthus because we were going to have a kid and Icthus is the name for the Jesus fish. Figured as a christian it couldn't hurt to whip some symbolism in there and not everyone would get it. I bought the domain and here we are.

It took about 12 hours using the program Rapid Weaver to get the site looking the way I wanted. Then another 6-7 today getting the analytics right and setting up with the various search engines.
That was something I didn't know by the way. Just because you have a website doesn't mean someone can type your name or even the domain name in google and find you. You have to do that yourself. So i was working with them all day trying to get it dialed in.

I have the site paid for for 2 years and hopefully I'll update it more often than I did the old one.

thanks for reading.


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