Sunday, November 6, 2011


I dont expect it to be this easy everytime but I just sold some designs that no one ordered.

The other day I got an email from a client asking me for some beach designs. At the same time I had a new client ask me to do some other beach designs and some Vegas tourist designs. Well neither of those clients got back to me in what i deemed enough time. I just randomly submitted them to another company and out of the 20 designs I did for the 2 original clients the random client bought 14 designs.

So that and the book the Nerdist Way (by Chris Hardwick) gave me the idea that maybe in my downtime I should still do designs. Not just drawings or little funny things for me or my twitter peeps just to see.

Designs on a subject I pick. For instance I chose to do some designs of a Military theme which i posted here a day or so ago.

I didn't have any paying gigs this weekend so instead of taking some time off I sat at my Mac and designed those shirts.

Today I thought I'd get them organized and send them off to random companies hoping to sell them.

By the grace of God I sold them to the first place I sent them.

Now I'm motivated to always be designing.

Man I'm jazzed.

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