Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Blog

I added a new blog this time it's over at tumblr. Originally I wanted this blog which I have had for several years to be a little of everything,art, rants, religion and the like but the more art I posted and the more followers I got the more I realized that you as a reader are less interested in what I'm thinking than you are what I'm drawing.
So to that end I decided to give tumblr a shot..
Blogger won't let me have 2 blogs attached to the same addy so starting another one elsewhere was my only option.

Basically my tumblr will be only about religion so if that's your thing feel free to read it. If not no harm, I need to get this stuff out somewhere and in the mean time you can still enjoy my drawings and geek ramblings here.

With that said you can hop on over to to see the New blog. I haven't fancied it up yet so it's pretty plain but there are a few posts there all ready. Please if you have a tumblr follow that blog..

Thanks for reading

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