Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Banana with a Mustache

Above is a Banana with a Mustache
My Grandpa had a tattoo. This tattoo on his forearm was that of a naked lady. It was blurry and green from being old and it wasn't that good of a tat to start with I imagine.
As a kid sitting on my Grandpa's lap I had obviously noticed it but from the angle I sat at it would have been upside down and thus to my child's mind I just thought it was a tattoo of a banana with a mustache. I never questioned why he would have a banana emblazoned on his arm or why it had that particular style facial hair but I stared at that thing and saw no other possibility.
I can't remember Gramp's tattoo enough to recreate it. I just remember thinking about it as a kid and wondering without wanting to ask why he got that crazy ink.

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