Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old Client

My first real freelance client was Art Brands, a heat transfer company from Ohio. I say teal client cuz prior to them I was working for $50 here and there.

When I took on AB or rather when they took me on I had a bit more stability. It was thru work for them that I could afford to buy my iMac.

I did quite a bit of work for them over the course of a year or so.
When my liaison left I was transferred to a new handler, the owner of the company.
I did some work for them. They liked it and things were going ok.
The guy just kept on trying to get me to call them or set up phone meetings which is not my thing. I'm more of an email guy ya see.
He would call and I would be at work and I'd call him back and he would be busy or out of the office.
He eventually passed me off to the lady that took my original handler's place. The new lady was named Paige.
Paige emailed me one day to tell me I had been transferred to her.
Then she proceeded not to talk to me for 4 months.
In that time I started Alan2.0 which I described in a previous blog. It's what I'm currently doing. I am a freelance graphic artist for the next year. Do or die.
A week or so ago I got an email from a Chantel at AB who Introduced herself as the new freelance liaison. She wanted me to do some work. I explained that I could no longer provide designs at the old price. Now that freelance is all I do and it's doing pretty well I can't afford to produce designs that take me a full day (12+) for the measly $75. Especially since I now have clients that pay substantially more.
I gave her my new price structure and didn't hear back til today.
This afternoon I got an email from the owner again.
He agreed to my new pricing which was a shock and told me he has a few designs for me.
Then later he asked me a few questions about my current clients.
I explained to him what I was doing these days and he said since the stuff I do for him is "simpler" than what I do for my new clients he should get it cheaper.
I explained that the price I quoted was in fact less than I do for others because of my history with them. In reality it's about $100 cheaper than I have been getting. I didn't tell him that though I just let him know it was discounted and why.
I ended my email with "If you are ok with the new pricing then we I am ready to get some work done. If not no harm no foul, just let me know and I'll email Chantel with my new info"

So now I am waiting to see if they bite or not. If they do them I have a pretty solid client of my own to compete with the one my partner has.

Hopefully they will email me the go ahead tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading.


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