Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stressfull Weekend

Had an opportunity spring up last Friday and was told I could get my foot in the door with a client if I could get a couple of designs done over the weekend that they liked. Then there would be more work in the future.
Its a contract job for a client who holds a lot of licenses, one is obviously Rainforest Cafe, which is what they sprung on me Friday.
I started with a frog design and I got way into the design before I realized that while someone might wear it. I wouldn't and that's the best test as far as I'm concerned. So I scraped it so far into it that I got really stressed and I was up til 4 Sunday morning finishing the gorilla. Then I put the parrot together today.
Turning the Gorilla in tomorrow and the parrot in Tuesday.
Gonna make me more this weekend then I'll make all week at work.

Anyway have a look, let me know what you think if you would.

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