Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lebanon Cops Don't Care or How I Ended Up on Probation

So as you may or may not know a month or so ago I got into an altercation at McDonald's in Lebanon.
It was on my lunch shift and this guy got mad that I was in front of him in the drive thru. I had arrived after him but i chose the outer lane and he chose the inner.
He started honking and swearing at me so I rolled up my window and tried desperately not to even look his direction.
He got out of his truck came up to mine and started cussing and banging on my window. I ignored him and called the cops.
He was still standing outside my window when I dialed then he went back to his truck and rammed me.
The cops finally showed up and totally ignored me. McDonald's had told me to move but I refused to until the cops could see how we were so it could be shown that "he hit me".
I stayed in my truck when the cops got there. Some really young dude. The McDonald's manager came out and told him i refused to move and from that point on it was all down hill. they didn't want to talk about my distress call. They didn't want to talk about the guy hitting my truck or threatening me. All they wanted was to get my license and ins card.
My insurance had expired and I found myself in court last week.

There the judge sentenced me to 10 days jail for not having the card. He suspended the sentence and put me on 1 year of what he called tracking probation plus a goodly sized fine.

I went to the place to sign up for my probation this morning. A terrible place filled with meth heads. My area code is the largest meth producer in the states. Matter of fact the drug is often referred to as 417.

So here I am in this terrible building with Meth Heads who just assume I am one of them and I find out the court had forgot to send over my paperwork.

They finally got it to the office and I was asked to wait for my probation officer.

He eventually came and got me and it was at that time that I was explained the terms of my probation.

Where I thought I had only to prove my insurance monthly it turned out there were a few provisos. For instance in the next year if I get any tickets, speeding, seat belt failure to signal, any tickets at all I get 10 days in jail.

I lost it. I told the guy I realized that its not his fault but that my ticket was bunk. I called the police because I was under attack and instead of coming to my rescue I end up with a year probation.

It still infuriates me to think about.

So thank you fine officers of Lebanon for your stellar performance. Your ability to not only not help someone in need but to ticket them on a totally unrelated matter, costing that person a total of $300 and possible jail time for simply trying to trust you.

Lesson learned.

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