Sunday, March 20, 2011

Epic Fail

1 month ago I got the idea that there were other people like me out there that really dug sketches. So I decided to try an experiment called the sketchbook project.
The idea was artists would send me a sketch then I'd send them a sketch along with the address of someone else who had participated. Then we would all get really cool sketches to collect and make friends/connections.
I sent out a little over 500 invites to friends and strangers. I blogged about it twittered, & took full advantage of Facebook.
I asked those I invited to send me a sketch and help kick this off.

It's been 1 month now & I have received 2 sketches. One from a friend and one from a stranger.

Oh I got lots of replies telling me that they were going to participate. There was just an incredible lack of follow thru.

What bummed me out the most were friends of mine who I know could easily have helped but they just didn't.

People who consider themselves friends told me they were "just too busy" but managed to post new sketches online 2 or 3 days a week.

I'd rather have been told that they simply didn't like the idea. Or that they only sketch for money.

So basically it was an epic fail. I really appreciate the two people who did send sketches. It was pretty cool to get pieces of art in the mail. I wish more people had tried it so they could know the feeling.

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  1. Sorry I missed that one Alan. Could have sent you something.