Tuesday, February 22, 2011


There is a new web comic on the internets.

Eric Merced an artist based in New England debuted his new web comic on Monday Feb 21, 2011.

Eric has worked for clients such as Zondervan Publishing where he currently draws the comic Time Flyz and Upper Deck where he has worked on Marvel Comic Properties like Iron Man 2 cards.
Eric has also done work for several independent comic publishers. One of which is Crashland studios where he is a founding member.

Eric's art style to me is a cross between Jeff Smith (Bone) and Stan Goldburg (Archie). His writing reminds me of the old Carl Barks stories I loved as a child and enjoy to this day.
Eric has done a couple other web comics in the past that really whetted my appetite for the debut of Ouch.
Ouch is the story of an Alien (Ouch himself) sent to invade Earth because humans had the audacity to downgrade his home planet of Pluto from planet, a source of apparent pride to Plutonians to dwarf planet.

Although the comic just started Monday, with promised Monday and Friday updates, I am sure it will be a great quality family friendly fun read.

You can check Ouch out at http://ouch.ericmerced.com/ouch/
You can see more of Eric's art as well as contact info and peeks at his past web comics at http://ericmerced.com/

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