Thursday, February 17, 2011

Client Worries

I haven't written a blog in a while. Mainly I've been using this for my art. Even though you can see most of my art at

I got an email from a potential client here recently and it was a chance to do some work and possibly get more work from them.

However instead of sending me something that takes creativity or imagination they sent me basic "copy work"
Copy work is when a client shows you a picture of a design they like and they want a design exactly like it.
For instance one of the assignments was a url link to a shirt by another company that had an armadillo on it. The clients note to me was. We love this design but make it a fish.

So after doing 6 of those jobs for the client I get and email today saying that they really don't see anything that really jumps at them.

I replied and explained that I did exactly what I was asked. I then asked that they not give up on me just yet and that next week I would send them some real art.
Designs my way.

So now I have to really wow them if I want to make them a full client rather than a prospect customer.

Gonna take some finesse and a heck of a design.

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