Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lesson Learned

So this is what I learned today. If you do a vague religious painting. By that I mean one that isn't just a closeup of Jesus or the crucifixion the you are going to get a a bunch of people who don't get it and Im just going to get my feelings hurt and mad about it.
Case in point. I read the passage in the Bible about the mountain splitting in half when Jesus returns. Its Zch 14:4. This has been turning over and over in by brain for days now and I finally got it out via a digital paining.
So either this passage is not well known or im just plain terrible cuz i showed it to two people who completely didn't get it and said it was "nice" of "good" but spent all of 7 seconds looking at it.
Depressing me cuz I spent 2 days working on it. Im finished with cars for now and wanted to do something for myself. Just didn't expect it to be such an epic fail.

I wasn't even going to post it here from sheer embarrassment but decided to so I could make this very post.


  1. Well dear sir, I am not one for religion, but I totally got it with the brief description on my front page before I even clicked on the post,if that helps?

  2. thanks, dear

    it was just a shock to me that the 2 people i unveiled it to didnt gt it