Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weird but Good

For some reason I got up early today. The kids woke me up around 6:30 then I just couldn't get back to sleep.
I had downloaded a movie that I'd been wanting to see for months. Thought I'd just start it kinda browse it then go back to sleep. Turned out however that it was so good I couldn't stop watching and I just stayed up.
It's a documentary called Exit Through the Gift Shop. It's about street art and it was wicked inspiring.
So it ended a little after 8 and then some guy knocked on our door and gave me a letter telling me my landlord was no longer my landlord. From now on according to the letter I pay my rent to the bank.
This I find weird for several reasons, chief among those is the fact that my landlord charges me more than his payment.
For instance his payment for the house is $300 and I pay him $450. Why would I pay the bank that amount. Shouldn't I just make his payments for a few months until the property has a new owner?
It's just a weird situation but it's fine.

Around 10 I posted some art on Emptees. Posted 3 designs and all 3 got booted off. Within the first 2 hours they were up.
Luckily someone saw one of them and even though the site dropped it made an offer.
It's pretty great. I know I get openly mocked on that site but it's been quite a boon to my sales.

Later I got a call from NY and my client there had some notes on a few of the designs I made for them as well as a couple new jobs completely

Spent the rest of my afternoon/evening working on designs and playing with my kids.

It was a pretty good day

Thanks for reading.


Sometimes I do things just to make my friend laugh

Sunday, November 28, 2010

One More

Weekend, hard at it

Its been a long weekend. School was out Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun so its felt even longer.
I got a call from a client on Wednesday and thought I'd make short work of the assignment. I was wrong. With so many subjects, it was hard to get a bead on one long enough to put together something I thought would sell.

For some reason It was really hard to concentrate. Plus there was the break of Thanksgiving and then my power went out for a couple hours.

Anyway here are a few of the designs I'm submitting

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Life for a Happy Elephant

Awesome feedback!

I have been submitting several designs to Emptees.com which is a t shirt design community.
You post designs that meet the criteria and then other designers critique or if they like the design the can "Love" it much like "liking" something on Facebook.
Its a lot like high school though. There are 10 or so guys who love each others stuff and those guys are always in the top 10. If your not in their inner circle its nearly impossible to get love from them unless of course it comes with a backhanded compliment.
It seems like these guys must keep Emptees constantly refreshing so they can make snarky comments as soon as possible about stuff. Ive received a couple of their comments myself.
Even though I don't want it to it does bring you down because then no one else wants to love or compliment on your stuff for fear of getting mocked by those guys.
I really wanted to quit the site but I've received several emails from people wanting to buy stuff they have seen on the site. Because of that I can't stop posting there. If its going to bring any income I can't ignore it.

Here is the thing, I have pretty strong willpower when it comes to somethings. For instance if someone writes me a hateful email, I can reply and crush that person then never read anything else by them. plus I ALWAYS state in an email like that that responding isn't necessary cuz it wont be read. If they do respond I can simply delete without even reading.

With that said, I can honestly say I don't read comments on my shirts anymore at all. Good bad or indifferent I simply don't view them.

Im trying to stay active on the site because just this week I sold a design off of it.
I've also been posting things that would never work but I find humerous and seeing as I don't read the comments its fun and harmless. Plus it keeps me active there.

Today a friend saw one of my goofy designs there that I posted just for fun. It was a design that never would be picked up but it was an idea a friend gave me and I was bored.
He started telling me a couple of the comments and they were hilarious. Either the commentators are trying to be "ironic" or they are dumb as posts. I had to share them with you.

Here is the design......

My friend was joking around one day and said that he thought Popeyes Chicken was Catholic propaganda cuz its also "Pope Yes". To me that was funny. So just to make us laugh and because I didn't have anything else going that day I mocked it up.

Here are the comments I recieved. Plus what I thought when I was shown them by my friend

Ugh? -Alex Norman

Really Alex? is Ugh a question to you? Try "Ugh!" you can thank me later

and my personal favorite.

I’m assuming you were attempting make a Pope joke out of this but it still reads Popeyes and not Pope Eyes.

Also, this is a prime example of a lawsuit in the making seeing you literally used their exact logo.
-pitchgrim (then he posted a copy of the actual Popeyes logo as if I didn't realize how close they were)

this stunningly dimwitted person thought I wanted it to say Pope Eyes! POPE EYES! What!? Why would I ever make it say that.?
however thanks for adding the legal advice I'd hate to get a letter from Popeyes or the Vatican Optometrist

As funny as I find these 2 comments its still not motivation to read comments regularly. I pride myself on my abilty to ignore them on Emptees but I had to share.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dark Pope

Another thing thats been stuck in my head that needed to come out.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Without the type

New Shirt Design

Hitting a couple of the t-shirt websites for this guy. See if I can not get booted this time.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stryper The Covering!

My favorite band of all time has a new album coming out soon. This is a piece I did inspired by the title of the new album. I'd love to see this on a shirt for them.


Sunday, November 7, 2010


This was one of my cars from a couple weeks ago. Looks like I forgot to post it

9/11 Designs

Got commissioned to do a 9/11 10 year tribute shirt. Really hit a wall with it at first but I ended up with at least a couple I really like.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lesson Learned

So this is what I learned today. If you do a vague religious painting. By that I mean one that isn't just a closeup of Jesus or the crucifixion the you are going to get a a bunch of people who don't get it and Im just going to get my feelings hurt and mad about it.
Case in point. I read the passage in the Bible about the mountain splitting in half when Jesus returns. Its Zch 14:4. This has been turning over and over in by brain for days now and I finally got it out via a digital paining.
So either this passage is not well known or im just plain terrible cuz i showed it to two people who completely didn't get it and said it was "nice" of "good" but spent all of 7 seconds looking at it.
Depressing me cuz I spent 2 days working on it. Im finished with cars for now and wanted to do something for myself. Just didn't expect it to be such an epic fail.

I wasn't even going to post it here from sheer embarrassment but decided to so I could make this very post.