Friday, September 17, 2010

Current Blockbuster Situation

A few months ago our sales were kinda low so the company sent down 2 fellas from a town about an hour away to "show us how its done". They came down and they were cocky and pushy. They did a decent job, I sold the same as they did and do consistently do so.
Anyway, one of the fellas was badgering one of our best customers & trying to up sell. The customer a really nice old man just didn't want to buy anything else. Instead of taking "No" for an answer the new employee went back thru the guys account and was telling him how well the program would do him if he signed up.
The old man just kept saying no. Finally after a few minutes I was getting uncomfortable and I broke in and told the old man not to worry about it he should think about the deal, and we would ask him next time. The older gentleman thanked me and left. Thats when the guy turned to me and started getting all agro because I "killed his sale".
We argued a bit and I told him that I can't or won't sell like that. Nor do I need to because I was getting the same amount of sales he was with a softer sell.

A couple weeks later we had a meeting with our DM and she said that one of the guys told her that someone on our staff was trying to "sabotage Blockbusters success in Lebanon".
I tried to explain and she said well that wasn't the only thing he had to say.

So when out terrible manager went on Medical/Sick leave instead of having our Assistant Manager and the support staff step up we were told today that the guy from Rolla who already isn't my biggest fan is our new manager effective next week.

Here is the silver lining (I hope). I got called yesterday and had an interview for a better job today. So while I still don't know for a fact I have the job. I am confident cuz they sent me for a drug test and I just can't see them paying for that unless its a lock.
As well as the fact that Gods timing on this seems to be another indicator.

Anyway thanks for reading. I'll keep y'all posted on the job.